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Karl Anderson on The Good Brothers Maintaining Their Relationship With The Young Bucks Despite Not Signing With AEW

July 30, 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Young Bucks, Anderson Gallows

– During a recent interview with Fightful, Karl Anderson of the Good Brothers discussed staying in touch with The Young Bucks and their relationship. Earlier this month, Anderson and Doc Gallows appeared on Being the Elite. So, while there might’ve been some heat with the Bucks initially after The Good Brothers ended up staying in WWE and didn’t sign with AEW, they still managed to maintain their relationship with the Bucks and remained friends. Below is an excerpt of Karl Anderson discussing their friendship:

“It was great. We stayed in touch with them the whole time. I’ve known those guys since Los Angeles in 2006 when they were just getting started on the independent scene. Cocky kids, but I clicked with them right away, because I’m a cocky non-kid. I wrestled them all over Los Angeles and we ended up doing stuff in PWG and Dave Marquez would fly us all over Texas and ended up forming a great friendship with the boys. Friendships in this business can get a little sticky when you have to make business decisions. No matter what, I know they were hot and I don’t blame them for being hot, but we always stayed in touch. We would send brother texts here and there, and then it snowballed. Now everything’s great. We’re good with everybody. If you have heat with us, you suck!.”

As previously noted, Anderson and Gallows were released by WWE earlier this year. They signed with Impact Wrestling earlier this month.