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Karl Anderson Jokingly Declares The Good Brothers for the Royal Rumble

January 19, 2021 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
The Good Brothers Gallows Anderson

– In light of WWE Superstars declaring themselves as entrants to the Royal Rumble at this year’s event, Karl Anderson has decided to mockingly declare The Good Brothers (Anderson and Doc Gallows) for this year’s event. His joking declaration on Twitter was sparked when former WWE writer Brian Gewirtz took note of how wrestlers were simply declaring themselves as competing in the men or women’s Rumble matches for this year’s show.

Gewirtz initially wrote, “Haven’t seen Raw in a while. You can ‘declare’ yourself to be in the Royal Rumble? Is there a reason why everybody doesn’t do this immediately? What about surprise legends? Are there multiple Doinks declaring themselves in the Rumble right now? Which Doink gets priority?!”

Later on, Karl Anderson responded and declared The Good Brothers for the Rumble match. He tweeted, “Be careful Brian, as you kno and I’ve seen with humans there, you’ll drive yourself insane…..But with your logic, here we go, #GoodBrothers declare ourselves in the rumble ! @IMPACTWRESTLING @AEW.” You can view that exchange below.