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Karl Anderson Thinks WWE Releases Should Hold Off On ‘Thank You’ Tweets

June 7, 2021 | Posted by Blake Lovell
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WWE made another round of releases last week, and on a recent edition of Talk N Shop, Karl Anderson had a straightforward response when asked about what advice he would give to those that have been released by the company.

Anderson mentioned that talent should stop sending out “thank you” tweets shortly after their release, and instead, sit back and take in what just happened to them (via Fightful):

“We know what it’s like to get canned from WWE. Here’s the advice I would say; enough of the ‘thank you’ tweets. Give me a fucking break. When you get canned, let it go. How about hashtag ‘fuck off.’ I don’t think less than 24 hours after being fired…take a second to take a breather. Take it easy with the thank you bullshit within 24 hours. Breathe it in and take it all in for just one second. Put together a plan of attack before you start thanking all these motherfuckers that fired you because…people give Jim Ross a lot of heat, but I have respect for Jim Ross because, when we got canned, he said, ‘There’s a reason why WWE decided to not do business with these individuals anymore.’ It’s as true as it can get and Thank God. We made the most money we’ve ever made in our lives this past year and that’s after WWE,” said Anderson on Talk N Shop.

Anderson and teammate Doc Gallows were released by WWE in April of last year, with the two going on to sign with Impact Wrestling.

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