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Kayfabe! Breaking Kayfabe with Tammy Sytch

February 13, 2013 | Posted by Mike Campbell
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Kayfabe! Breaking Kayfabe with Tammy Sytch  


Buyer Beware: This is *NOT* your typical shoot interview by any stretch of the imagination. This is Tammy Sytch fully opening up about some very dark things in her personal life. If you’re wanting something more light-hearted, like you’ll in a Youshoot, then look elsewhere

This is certainly a topical release for KC, with Tammy being very much in the public eye with all of her legal problems. Now, that being said, this stands alongside the Lanny Poffo edition as being one of the best in the series. The common denominator is that the subject having a good story to tell. It also helps that Sean and Tammy are given more time to talk, much like Sean and Lanny, where as the Waltman and New Jack versions were very short.

Tammy starts us off on a timeline of all her arrests (four in a five day span). It’s really a sad eye-opening story, it starts with Tammy getting drunk (she says it’s only alcohol, she wasn’t on any other drugs) and something bad happening, such as finding out Damien wasn’t faithful, and the proverbial shit hits the fan. Tammy was arrested, and served with a limited order of protection from Damien. She got drunk, violated the order, got arrested again, the OP was upgraded to a full one. She got drunk, violated that one, and I think anyone reading can see the vicious circle that this story goes in.

Tammy talks openly about being in rehab, and let’s everyone know exactly how much BS the WWE sponsored rehab is. She was in the WWE rehab center, mandated to do ninety days or face prison. She was attacked in the rehab and had to leave, WWE flat out told her they wouldn’t pay to send her anywhere else. She asked how come they paid for Scott Hall to go to a dozen different places, but won’t help her out, and they replied “You’re not Scott Hall.” She went before the judge, ready to go back to prison, and the judge was satisfied with her seventy seven days and mandated her to do outpatient treatment and if she completed that, she’d be free and clear, and her charges would be reduced (she was looking at four felonies that can carry five year sentences). Just to really kick her while she was down, WWE released a statement saying that they’d always be there for her to help her out, when it was the exact opposite (due to the Senate campaign).

Sean takes this time to gear things toward wrestling, and Tammy says she’s proud of what she accomplished, but she’s ready to move on. She and Damien have worked things out and are engaged, she wants to have a baby, and go to school. Sean pries a bit deeper as to what exactly makes Tammy have such issues with men, but she doesn’t know. Tammy says that if she got a call from Vince to come back, she’d decline, unless it’s a call to induct Chris into the Hall of Fame, because that’s not something for her, it’s for Chris. Sean tries to end things on a light-hearted note, by getting her take on various Jersey things, since they’re both New Jersey natives. It’s actually pretty funny when he asks her Giants or Jets, and she prefers the Colts and Raiders. In a sad epilogue, it’s revealed that weeks after the filming of this, Tammy was arrested again and is currently in prison.

The 411: Like I said before, this is NOT your typical shoot interview. Tammy does have a story to tell, but it's not a pleasant one. I highly recommend this for Tammy fans who've been following her recent troubles.
Final Score:  8.0   [ Very Good ]  legend

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