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Kayfabe!: YouShoot With New Jack

September 27, 2009 | Posted by Mike Campbell
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Kayfabe!: YouShoot With New Jack  


In the interest of full disclosure, I’d like to pass along thanks to the great people of Kayfabe Commentaries for sending me this DVD. In case you missed the previous YouShoot I reviewed, a YouShoot is a type of shoot interview, where the fans ask the questions. Sean Oliver reminds us that only the bravest in the business do a YouShoot because there’s nothing off limits.

I’m a big fan of shoot interviews, and, although I don’t own every single one, I think I’ve seen enough of them to be able to constitute a good one from one that’s not so good. I think that they should be both informative and entertaining, but not sacrificing one for the other (which is why I hated the Iron Sheik’s 2007 shoot interview so much). As far as being informative, and entertaining, New Jack delivers the goods. I didn’t enjoy the Sabu edition because of his bashfulness, but New Jack doesn’t have that problem at all. In fact, he’s almost Cornette-like with his ability and willingness to tell you exactly what he thinks of someone with as many adjectives as possible.

You know you’re in for a treat on the second question, which is a fan video (which, again, are amusing in a laugh at them sort of way) of someone calling New Jack several derogatory names between his question. New Jack’s answer is more or less his telling off the guy (the written word can’t do him justice). New Jack also doesn’t answer the question about any memories of Public Enemy. When asked he tells a story about spending the night with a rat, and waking up the next day, seeing her from behind and thinking that he slept with Gary Wolfe. Hilarious story, but nothing to do with the question that he was asked.

The only real drawback to this, for me, was a lack of questions about his actual wrestling career. But, New Jack is much more famous and well-known for his out-of-the-ring antics, so that goes with the territory. I’d have personally liked to hear him talk about the SMW Night of Legends show and being around all those old-timers and if he was able to talk to them at all. But his SMW stories were limited to mainly stories involving him having run-ins with the law (including a great one about him learning what a dry county is) and him giving credit to Tracy Smothers and the Rock ‘N’ Roll Express for teaching him how to work. So if you’re interested in New Jack’s wrestling career and his thoughts on various matches, you’ll want to look elsewhere for the most part. He does tell some of the stories of his more famous matches, such as the Living Dangerously match with Vic Grimes, and the match with Gypsy Joe.

It’s hard to even pick out what exactly the highlights are, because this is basically 140 minutes of highlights. They play a game called the ‘ho bag’ where Sean reads off names of various females and Jack decides if they’re ho’s or not. His reaction to Nicole Bass is great “Who’s that? . . . OH! THAT’S A DUDE!” He also tells a story about Molly Holly giving him sunflower seeds and says that comparing Molly to Missy Hyatt is like comparing a Volkswagen to an Escalade, and then throws in that the VW has a flat tire, holes in the sun roof, and an 8-track player. Just to really get over how much better Molly is. Not to mention the story of why he’s banned from the former ECW Arena, and his proof that he can tell the difference between Sprite and 7-Up (as shown by a blind taste test) and how it would make for a great 7-Up Commercial with him getting hauled away by the cops and yelling “I just wanted a 7-Up, not Sprite!)

As if the interview proper wasn’t enough, there’s also a bonus tacked onto the end of the DVD. New Jack and Mustafa show up during the filming of Cornette’s Guest Booker DVD, and New Jack and Cornette bury the hatchet (New Jack claimed for years that Cornette screwed him over on money, Cornette claimed that Jack screwed him over by leaving without notice). They share some memories of Jack’s SMW promos and Cornette gives Jack props for working hard during his time in SMW and Jack gives Cornette props for giving him his break in the business.

The 411: I actually find these reviews much harder to write than my standard ones, because I don't want to give away too much of what happens, but can't really write a proper review only saying 'New Jack tells funny stories.' But, I didn't even scratch the surface when it came to this one. This is easily worth the $20.
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