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Kayfabe! – YouShoot with Tammy Sytch

October 13, 2012 | Posted by Mike Campbell
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Kayfabe! – YouShoot with Tammy Sytch  


YouShoot has been given a makeover! They’ve got a new logo, the theme song has been remixed, and the overall production is up to KC’s usually high standards. They’ve added the use of a green screen for background effects, and it looks excellent. KC continues raising the bar for production of wrestling DVDs not released by a company called “WWE.” It’s funny how things work out sometimes. KC had announced this interview and were taking submissions long before Tammy’s personal problems spun out of control. So this wasn’t anything that rushed to cash in on the buzz. This actually winds up being filmed right after Tammy gets back from rehab, and she’s in great spirits and looks very good.

If you’re like me and are mostly interested in wrestling things, then you’re in for a couple of good surprises, there’s a couple of good Tracy Smothers stories and a funny one about her almost making Ricky Morton cry when slapped him for the first time. But this is mostly of the “wrestling sleaze” type of nature, lots of drugs and sex talk. Not that it’s not entertaining, it’s actually very entertaining. One of the questions is on a scale of “One to Missy Hyatt” how may men in the business has she been with, and she actually spends quite a while trying to figure it out, she winds up deciding on nine. She’s also got a couple of creepy fan stories, including one where her mother let one in the house, because he claimed they went to school together. One question mentions a foot fetish and asks if she’ll show her feet (no, not from Tony Atlas), and she obliges. Tammy rebukes several stories told about her on prior interviews, namely by Waltman and Sabu. In a real laugh out loud moment, the biggest slut in the ECW locker room was actually Tommy Dreamer, because he was with both Beulah and Francine at the same time, and Francine didn’t know.

The ever-present YouShoot games are still here, but with some overhaul. There is no longer actual ‘ho bag or dick bag, they’re replaced by green screen effects. There’s a quite a few F-Marry-Kill scenarios, which also use the green screen. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Tammy’s story on why Biscoff is a dick. In WCW, Kim Paige didn’t like her, so she tried to get her fired by telling Bischoff that Tammy was on drugs. Tammy found and told her good friend Scott Steiner who only likes a select few people, but Tammy was one of them. He told Kim exactly how he felt about her screwing with one of his good friends in typical Scott Steiner fashion. Since DDP and Bischoff were buddies, Bischoff kept jerking her around about the results of her drug test, because it came back clean. Tammy and Sean play ‘What’s in the bag?’ with the green screen showing locker room background. They also play the wrestler name game while driving the back roads of KY for SMW.

The 411: This is one-hundred-and-forty-one minutes of fun. Tammy is in great spirits and you can tell that both she and Sean are having a great time. Tammy tells some great stories, and the production upgrade makes that it much better.
411 Elite Award
Final Score:  9.0   [  Amazing ]  legend

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