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KC Navarro Plays Coy About WWE Tryout Rumors, What He Thinks WWE Is Looking For

January 20, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
KC Navarro MLW Battle Riot Image Credit: MLW

KC Navarro reportedly had a WWE tryout last month, though he played coy about it in a new interview. Navarro spoke with Wrestling Inc for a new interview and while he wouldn’t confirm he did have a tryout, he weighed in on Kylie Rae (who also reportedly tried out at that time) working a match on WWE Main Event and more. You can checkout some highlights below:

On reports that he had a tryout with WWE: “I don’t know. I think they’re all just rumors. I don’t know what everybody’s talking about… I hit my head a lot, so I’m not too sure.”

On Kylie Raw working a match on WWE Main Event: “I think Kylie’s a great person, phenomenal athlete. I think that’s no secret. She is the heart and soul of Chicago wrestling, if you really think about it, especially for women’s wrestling. I think it’s time for Kylie to be at the big time now, and I think she’s going to prove that come this Saturday. I feel like she had an awesome showing on the Main Event show, and I think she’s going to do the same thing this Saturday.”

On what he thinks WWE is looking for: “I think they’re looking for the ‘it’ factor, the one in the million. I’ve heard Triple H say that before in interviews that he’s done. And I think they’re just looking for stars. I think they’re looking for new talent, young talent. And I can’t really speak much on it because I don’t work there. I’m not in Triple H’s head. If Vince comes back, I’m not in Vince’s head. So I don’t know what they’re truly looking for. But from what I’ve gathered from people and from interviews with Triple H, that’s kind of what I’ve gotten.”

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