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KC Navarro Admits He Is “More Comfortable” With TV-Style Wrestling

July 2, 2023 | Posted by Jack Gregory
KC Navarro MLW Battle Riot Image Credit: MLW

In a recent interview with In The Weeds, KC Navarro shared some experiences from his time with AEW Dark (via Fightful). Navarro also cited a list of people he was able to learn from during his time with the promotion and his preference for the format. You can find a few highlights from Navarro and watch the full interview below.

On the improvement he gained from his work with AEW: “I got feedback from so many people. Jerry Lynn, Billy Gunn, you have the smartest people back there. They have fantastic agents back there. I got to learn how to listen to the referees, listen how to slow down. Listen how to work cameras and angles. Then, I got great opportunities like working Rey Fenix. I remember after that match speaking to Tony Khan and Tony Khan praising me for giving Fenix a great match because I think that following Wednesday he was wrestling (Kenny) Omega, and he was very proud of me and put me over to the moon after that. Learn how to slow down, learn how to listen to the referees, get used to times wrestling. When there are moments like, you’re going out there and you have eight minutes, and suddenly you get cut to four, being prepared for stuff like that.”

On his personal preference for TV-style wrestling: “I love working the television style. Even if I have a referee and the referee is connected or doing the times, I always try to tell them to give me a breakdown so I know what I’m doing and I can know what to think of next. I think it’s very helpful. It eases me a little bit. I feel more comfortable wrestling on TV a little more, which I know may shock a lot of people. I just feel more comfortable with the television style overall.”

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