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Keith Lee On Fans Who Claim He’s Taking Unnecessary Risks With Ring Style

April 3, 2020 | Posted by Joseph Lee
WWE NXT Keith Lee

In an interview with TV Insider, Keith Lee spoke about those who criticize wrestlers like himself and Dominik Dijakovic for taking unnecessary risks in the ring. Here are highlights:

On wrestling in an empty arena: “I don’t think it really changes the dynamic as much, except for the fact people are going to hear us hitting each other really hard. You might hear us screaming out in pain a little more often. These guys are such awesome competitors you almost forget the crowd is there at times. Sometimes you catch a punch to the ear and lose yourself. It might light a fire under you. It changes the adrenaline level.”

On his matches with Dijakovic: “Making each match different and special comes down to the two people in the ring. You have two athletes who want to set a standard and prove a point and show the world what we already know in terms of our capabilities. In that sense, it makes every match very physical and painful. When we come together in these matches, it’s all about competition. People think it’s one thing, and it’s never what they think because for us it is simply a battle. That’s what we bring every time. We raise the bar by beating the crap out of each other.”

Keith Lee on those who say he takes unnecessary risks: “The answer I say to those people is step in the ring with a Dominik Dijakovic. Step in the ring with a Damian Priest. Tell me you don’t have to step your game up at all. There are times I admit I like to show off because I’m capable of spectacular things and know it. I love it. It’s something I enjoy for me. There are also times where the competition is enough that I have to resort to those things. That’s the benefit and beauty of being a versatile competitor. I can adapt with who I’m in the ring with. That’s a great thing.”

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