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Ken Shamrock On How Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin At WrestleMania 13 Started the Attitude Era

December 4, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Ken Shamrock Steve Austin Bret Hart WrestleMania 13 Image Credit: WWE

Ken Shamrock was part of the iconic match between Bret Hart and Steve Austin at WrestleMania 13, and he recently discussed how the bout birthed the Attitude Era. Shamrock recently appeared on Fightful’s Wrestling Perspective podcast and talked about the match, which he was the guest referee for. You can check out a couple of highlights below:

On the influence of the match: “We didn’t understand the level of what was going to happen in that ring before. It was one of those matches were they were trying to turn Stone Cold and Bret, their characters, they were switching roles. They thought it would be a great match, but I don’t think anybody truly understood the impact that match would have moving forward, because I think if you look at it, I think that kind of changed the tide of the wars (Monday Night Wars) between WWE and obviously WCW.”

On how it kickstarted the Attitude Era: “When you saw that match, you started seeing characters. The attitude era was born, then started to take hold of this vision Vince had by bringing me in, trying to make it a little more raw, rough and edgy. So putting me in that match with those two guys was just unbelievable and the way that turned things around.”