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Kenny Omega Issues Apology To Jim Cornette Over Recent Twitter Comments, Cornette Responds

January 11, 2022 | Posted by Blake Lovell
Kenny Omega AEW Dynamite Image Credit: AEW

As previously noted, Jim Cornette and Kenny Omega are not the best of friends. The two recently had an exchange on Twitter, which eventually led to Omega issuing an apology to Cornette, though the latter didn’t seem too thrilled about it.

In a recent response to a Twitter user asking him to disavow Marty Scurll, Omega responded by saying “will you bump up Corny’s oxygen so he can maybe get through a podcast without wheezing through every word? It’s harsh on the ears from what I hear.”

That led to Cornette jumping into the mix, as he was unsure why Omega was bringing his name into an unrelated conversation.

“Not sure why Twinkletoes is referencing me in a completely unrelated conversation I’m not involved in, but he needs hobbies/attention. Hey dipshit, I’m not as harsh on the ears as your ballet routines are on people’s eyes, & I’m wheezing from laughing at your attempts to wrestle,” Cornette wrote.

Omega then apologized to Cornette for bringing up a breathing issue, noting that he and many of his friends and acquaintances are dealing with after-effects from COVID-19.

“Shouldn’t have brought up any breathing issue. I, as well as many friends/acquaintances in other sports, are suffering due to Covid after effects. Not sure if you’ll accept, but I do apologize,” Omega wrote.

Cornette responded by saying that he wanted nothing to do with Omega’s apology.

“Piss off with your phony apology bullshit, turdblossom. I’ve never had COVID, I don’t want to have ANY interaction with you and your phony wrestling, and I don’t have any breathing issues except when you’re on the air I refuse to breathe it,” Cornette wrote.

You can view the Twitter exchange below.