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Kenny Omega Debunks Story on Passing on ROH Appearance for Japan Show in 2010

August 1, 2021 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Kenny Omega Impact Wrestling

– AEW and Impact Wrestling World champion Kenny Omega has taken to Twitter to debunk the specifics of a longtime story regarding him apparently missing a show in ROH in 2010 in order to go to a show to Japan instead, telling ROH officials that he suffered an ankle injury. According to Omega, that’s not the entire story, as he pointed out he was not feigning an ankle injury, and the event he went to in Japan was an awards show and not a wrestling event.

A Twitter user initially wrote on Omega, “They’ve been coming after him ever since Cornette started talking **** about him years ago. Omega chose a Japan show over Cornette’s show, telling Cornette and whoever else was booking that he injured his ankle (as the story goes). Cornette has had it out for Omega ever since.”

Kenny Omega later responded, “This is a great story so I’ll tell it one more time. I’d hurt my ankle and had to take three weeks off. The appearance I left for in Japan (before said ROH show) was an awards ceremony. I won my first Tokyo Sports Best Bout award. I didn’t wrestle. Important details are always changed.”

The award Omega is referring to is the 2010 Tokyo Sports Best Bout Award. Omega received the award for his tag match with Kota Ibushi vs. Prince Devitt (aka Finn Balor) and Ryusuke Taguchi in NJPW.

After another user on Twitter questioned Omega flying all the way to Japan just to accept an award, Omega responded again. He tweeted, “Bruh, these are the most prestigious awards in wrestling. To win while I was repping DDT, a much smaller indy company, while being a junior heavyweight… Umm, yeah, it meant a lot to me.” You can view that exchange below.