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Kenny Omega Reacts to Story About Kota Ibushi Meeting Vince McMahon

July 7, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Kenny Omega All Out

Kenny Omega took to Twitter to comment on a story that’s been making the rounds about Kota Ibushi having a backstage encounter with Vince McMahon. A screenshot was shared by SirLARIATO, known on Wrestling Twitter for making GIFs, of a story from Daily DDT back in 2016 about how when Ibushi was working the Cruiserweight Classic he gave a “high five” to Vince McMahon not realizing who he was, which made the staff “really upset.”

Ibushi was offered a full-time deal by WWE but rejected it and ended up signing with full-time with NJPW last year.

After Dave Meltzer posted to confirm the story was true, Omega replied and said, “Hard to believe, but yeah, some of the most talented wrestlers in the world aren’t constantly walking on eggshells and scared s–tless of their boss.”