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Kenny Omega Wants to Face Roman Reigns, Says 90% of WWE Roster Wants to Jump to AEW

September 22, 2021 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
AEW Dynamite Bryan Danielson Kenny Omega

– Speaking to Tokyo Sports (via Hige Channel), AEW World champion Kenny Omega discussed AEW, WWE talents possibly making the move to to AEW and the current state of the Japanese pro wrestling industry. Below are some highlights:

Kenny Omega on how the Japanese wrestling industry has dealt with COVID-19: “We’ve had a period of time where there we no fans and no crowd noises. We never wanted COVID to happen but one thing was clear through this situation. Without any special VTRs or special efects, and promotions couldn’t do flashy entrances, the Wrestlers had to stand out on their own abilities. You get to see the true colors of some of these wrestlers. Have you seen the matches and tournaments of promotions other than AEW? Not so exciting isn’t it?”

Omega on Japanese promotions not understanding the current situation: “You won’t realize this in the good times. Unfortunately, it’s not just the wrestlers but some promotion are unable to understand this current situation. I can save them all by myself but… certain promotions don’t want to rely on me. And I don’t care if you get mad reading this. But can you say I am wrong? I’ve already proven myself. With the success of AEW along with it. I’m sure the Japanese fans haven’t forgotten me yet, right? I’m still the ‘#1 Gaijin’ in their eyes.”

Omega on WWE stars wanting to jump to AEW: “There will definitely be a lot more of them coming over in the future. I feel that about 90% of the wrestlers in WWE would want to jump over to AEW.”

Omega on who he wants to see from WWE come to AEW: “There’s been quite a few already, so I’m not lacking in opponents. I don’t exactly have anyone I have in mind but….if I must say i’d love to go against (the current WWE Universal Champion) Roman Reigns. It would be a great opportunity to show who’s the real World Champion.”

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