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Kevin Nash Compares WWE RAW to a Scorsese Film

March 27, 2024 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Kevin Nash WWE 2011 Image Credit: WWE

Kevin Nash gave his thoughts on how WWE has been producing RAW in recent weeks, comparing it to a Scorsese film. In the latest episode of Kliq This (via Fightful), Nash explained his stance and how he feels about the show’s production.

He said: “Yeah, it gets to the point where it’s, ‘I want to finish my story.’ It’s like, I want you to, man, but I’m gonna watch this guy Richie, fuckin’ The Gentlemen on fuckin’ Netflix. I like me a little Guy Richie. At this point, though, when something sells out fucking, it’s like Taylor Swift. Do you think Taylor Swift really sits down for four hours and puts her fucking set list together? It’s on autopilot. They turn the house lights on now at Raw, there’s so many fucking people in those fucking buildings [laughs]. I mean, it’s like one more switch, and that’s like if there’s an actual fire in the building. It’s like fuck, man. They’ve got that thing fucking rigged with cameras so it feels like you’re watching a fucking Scorsese film, [with] the layers and the people.

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