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Kevin Nash on Getting Pounded by Drew McIntyre & Sheamus During the Royal Rumble

May 2, 2024 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
WWE In Your House Rage in the Cage Diesel Kevin Nash Image Credit: WWE

– During a recent edition of Kliq This, WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash recalled getting pounded on by Drew McIntyre and Sheamus during the 2011 Royal Rumble match. Nash appeared under his Diesel persona, entering as No. 32 in a 40-man Rumble match. Nash stated the following (via WrestlingInc.com):

“Those two guys pounded me like I owed them money. And the whole f***in’ place is chanting ‘Diesel, Diesel.’ And I mean, they’re just relentlessly just f***in’ chewing me alive. And I’m thinking, like… you know what, man? I’m too old to f***in’, like, fight from underneath. I’m just, like– I’ll just take the beating. I’m getting eliminated here in a minute.”