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Kevin Nash Says Will Ospreay’s Comments on Triple H Prove He’s Not Smart to the Business

April 16, 2024 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Will Ospreay Renee Paquette AEW Dynamite, Triple h Image Credit: AEW

– During his Kliq This podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash critiqued the recent comments by Will Ospreay made about Triple H last week on AEW Dynamite. Below are some highlights (via Fightful):

Kevin Nash on Will Ospreay: “I hope he’s got a 20-year f***ing deal with AEW. I hope he can f***ing kick a soccer ball. Cody [Rhodes] f***ing beat [Triple H’s] fucking crown with a sledgehammer.”

Nash on if Ospreay went too far by mentioning Stephanie McMahon: “I think that if I’m Ospreay, there used to be old Puerto Rican, down in Puerto Rico, and the fucking phone would ring, and they’d pick up the phone. They’d say, ‘Hey, it’s Nash. What do you want me to tell him? Want me to tell him to f** you?’ ‘No, no. Tell him to come on down. Then we’ll f*** him.’ So that’s where they’re at right now. If you’ve got the balls to f***ing take a shot at the f***ing boss’ wife, and then you got the balls to f***ing show up and ask for a f***ing job, you better f***ing be able to have the balls to take whatever he’s gonna dish.”

On if Triple H would ever look past these remarks in the future to hire Ospreay: “I don’t know. It ain’t like somebody’s throwing a 100-mile-an-hour f***ing fastball. It’s a work. Everything’s a work. I’m sure you can find something…is there a place for him in this f***ing business for Will? Absolutely. I watched his match that everybody said was 11-stars, and I watched it as Kevin Nash, and then I watched it again as somebody that was just watching it. I didn’t watch it with a set opinion. I listened to the people, and Wes was very instrumental in me giving that a chance because he said he took his father, and he said of all the matches, his dad was just like, ‘Wow.’ So I think a lot of that translates in person. I just think that Paul [Levesque] didn’t mention him by name. Therefore, there’s no reason to get ass-hurt. It shows why he’s an indie-riffic guy. It shows why he didn’t make the move. He’s just not…he’s not smart to the business. Jade [Cargill] was.”

During an interview on AEW Dynamite, Ospreay responded to remarks Triple H made on The Pat McAfee Show that Ospreay believe were directed at him. Ospreay said on Triple H, “Normally I wouldn’t rise to this type of bait, but seeing as the guy that said it is only in the position he’s in because he was grinding on the boss’ daughter, you are in no position to tell me what the grind is all about my friend because you have no idea what I fight for.”