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Kevin Von Erich On Whether Wrestlers Should Be Given Employee Status, Talks Vince McMahon Breaking Up Territories

July 20, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Kevin Von Erich WWE Hall of Fame

– Kevin Von Erich discussed the issue of wrestlers being treated as independent contractors and more in an >interview with Wrestling Inc. Highlights are below:

On the Von Erichs/Fabulous Freebirds feud: “They were great athletes and good competition, but I don’t want to take anything away from guys like Chris Adams or Gino Hernandez. We did Israel and just lit the country on fire there and they had never heard of the Freebirds. We’d go to Japan and it’s great houses and responses there. I worked with Ox Baker, Big John Studd and Bruiser Brody in the early days of World Class.”

On Chris Adams and Gino Hernandez: “I don’t wanna take away from Chris and Gino because they were so good. I think Gino Hernandez will never be matched with the kind of heel he was. And Chris Adams…what I admired about him is he never complained and just fought me back. When you do that it’s great TV and it’s just the way to do it.”

On how WWE does business: “I can’t really say because I don’t really watch a lot of TV outside of my sons because if my sons are involved then I’m watching that. And I will watch people that they’re gonna be in the ring with or if I like their talent. I can’t really comment on Vince but I know they have good, solid men and athletes and I wish the best to all of them.”

On the era when Vince McMahon broke up the territory system: “It was another change and transition in the business. Because Vince did that, so many guys were able to live so much better.”

On if talent should be given full employee status: “Of course they should and they do. A big company can do that but these independent guys are just taking their lives in their hands out there. That’s just how it is. It would be great if there was retirement [plans] and compensation for them for when they are injured.”

On if there’s been discussion of him working backstage in MLW: “Whatever comes up, I’ll deal with it as it does. But I just wanna give my best to all of those young guys out there – stay all in like you are and keep God with you. You can train all you want but there’s always that little something extra that comes so important in those final moments of the match and it’s good to have prayer in your life. When you see something that’s impossible, that’s when you need God.”