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Kevin’s AEW Dark Review 6.16.20

June 16, 2020 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
AEW Dark Big Swole
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Kevin’s AEW Dark Review 6.16.20  

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Capital Vices (0-0) and Jon Cruz (0-4) vs. Jurassic Express (3-2)

Capital Vices have an, um, unique look. Jungle Boy shined in some early exchanges and then Stunt got the chance to showcase his stuff. He’s a fun little guy. Of course, Luchasaurus made the team click with their trios offense. After a strong start, Jurassic Express got into trouble as Jungle Boy played the face in peril for a short while. Luchasaurus cleaned house, including kicking the hell out of everyone. Surprisingly, a Jungle Boy tiger suplex only got a near fall. They used tandem offense, complete with Stunt hitting a tope suicida, to secure the win. It was mostly a squash but still had some fun bits. [**]

Brandon Cutler and Peter Avalon (0-15) vs. SCU [Frankie Kazarian (17-9) and Christopher Daniels (9-5)]

Kazarian and Daniels are the longstanding SCU duo but they haven’t teamed much in AEW due to Scorpio Sky filling in for Daniels and the team going on a run. The story continues fo Cutler and Avalon being desperate for a win but not cooperating well. These guys are all competent, so the wrestling itself was fine. I got a kick out of seeing Daniels and Kazarian as a tandem again. They’re really enjoyable. Daniels found himself isolated at one point but it didn’t last too long. SCU hit an awkward looking stomp/full nelson combo on Avalon for two. He came back with a rollup for two but fell to Celebrity Rehab in 8:02. Quality match here. Nothing you need to see but these guys know what they’re doing. [**1/2]

Big Swole (3-3) vs. Dani Jordyn (0-3)

This marks the return of Swole. Dani threw her book gimmick at her. I can pop for someone who uses a Mean Girls reference. The girls went back and forth to start until Swole hit a headbutt and big right hand. She came in with a cutter for the first big offensive move. She knocked Dani out with Dirty Dancing soon after to win in 2:27. A squash that gets Swole on the winning track. [NR]

Backstage, Cutler and Avalon argued more while Leva Bates cried. They said they’re done as a team.

David Ali (0-0) vs. Lance Archer (5-1)

Archer brought out a video editor and beat him up. As expected, Archer totally dominated here. Ali got in the minimum amount of hope spots and was hit with the Blackout. Archer picked him up instead of winning and opted for the CLAW. Just like Jim Carrey in Liar Liar. That ended this in 4:21 [NR]

Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss (2-0) vs. Musa (0-5) and Shawn Dean (0-7)

2-0 is Janela and Kiss’s record as a duo. They’re AEW’s resident oddball duo. They showed off some impressive tag offense like a smooth combination involving an atomic drop and sliding dropkick. A bit of their other stuff still felt a little unnatural, so they’re still working out the kinks. I liked Joey throwing Sonny’s big boot at Musa and the double dropkick. Dean and Musa had a few decent moments as well. The rolling axe kick of Kiss is pretty great. He set up a super rana by Janela and added his diving split splash for the win in 4:54. That was pretty fun. I’m really liking this Janela and Kiss team. [**1/4]

Allie (3-2) and Brandi Rhodes (1-1) vs. Kenzi Paige (0-1) and Red Velvet (0-0)

Velvet kept doing the “stir dance” thing that Lil B put a curse on James Harden for doing. The main theme of this was seeing how Brandi and Allie would co-exist. I’m pretty tired of AEW not knowing what to do with Allie. Maybe this sticks. Brandi shook hands with the opposition but Allie laid out Paige with a cheap shot. Alli remained aggressive but tagged in Brandi without any issue. It led to a Brandi superkick near fall. This is a far better use of Brandi than her old Nightmare gimmick. She’s still learning and isn’t a focal point this way. At one point, she was knocked into Allie, who feigned an injury on the way down. Allie got annoyed that only QT paid attention to her as Brandi got isolated. Brandi got momentum going. Alli blind tagged in as Brandi hit a Spear. She walked in fine with no limp and put her foot on Paige to steal the pin in 5:07. In terms of wrestling, it was hella sloppy. It told the story it had to, though. [*1/2]

Lee Johnson (0-10) vs. Shawn Spears (4-2)

The Shawn Spears record is for 2020. He know has the black glove gimmick. This was pretty one-sided with Spears showing a new aggressive side. That included hanging Johnson upside down on the ropes and booting him, as well as dropping him on the apron. Johnson did get going with an uppercut and some counter. However, he got caught in a Sharpshooter and tapped in 4:20. [NR]

Brady Pierce (0-2) and John Skyler (0-2) vs. The Dark Order (8-2)

I remember Skyler from NXT. Uno and Stu Grayson are the Dark Order boys here. This marked a return for the Dark Order boys following some travel issues due to quarantine. Their Dark Order buddies watched from the stage, sans Brodie Lee. This was a dominant performance for them other than a small run that saw Skyler and Pierce hit a neckbreaker/diving stomp combo for two. Pierce broke up the pin after a senton atomic and got dealt with. That led Skyler to fall to a Gory Bomb/Blockbuster combo known as the Fatality in 4:04. [NR]

Griff Garrison (0-0) vs. Jimmy Havoc (8-4)

Garrison kind of looks like a dollar store Kenny Omega. Again, this was another case of a Dark squash match. Havoc beat the hell out of this kid. Garrison’s back and chest were beet red pretty quickly. Havoc remained in control although Garrison did hit a pair of leaping corner lariats for a near fall. Havoc still won with his DDT in 6:01. An extended squash and one that wasn’t all that entertaining. [NR]

Penelope Ford (5-3) vs. Skyler Moore (0-2)

Ford has been one of the more impressive women on the roster in 2020. She was quick to use cheap tactics to get the upper hand on Moore. Still, Moore got going with a gutwrench suplex but then took an awkward looking handspring cutter. A fisherman suplex ended this in 4:10. Again, not super competitive but it did what it needed to. [NR]

Robert Anthony (0-2) vs. Scorpio Sky (17-9)

I really didn’t like Anthony/Moxley last week. Sky has been one of the unsung heroes of AEW so far. Anthony looked like he was wearing Jerry Lynn’s old ECW gear. This opened with some quality back and forth. It was similar at times to the Moxley match but made more sense here due to Sky not being on the level of the AEW Champion. The feed had some issues as I fell behind the live stream for a bit and it ended, bringing up a screen of the roster over the match itself so I did miss a bit. When it came back, Sky scored the win with the TKO in an estimated 5:35. What I saw of this was decent. [**]

The final score: review Not So Good
The 411
Another middle of the pack show this week. Lots o squashes and nothing cracking three stars. Again, these shows going over an hour and featuring so many matches just aren't that enjoyable to sit through.

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