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Kevin’s AEW Dark Review 6.23.20

June 23, 2020 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
AEW Dark Jurassic Express
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Kevin’s AEW Dark Review 6.23.20  

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Also, last week, apparently Lance Archer read this review and tweeted me about it! That was pretty cool of him to notice my Liar Liar reference.

Brian Cage (3-0) vs. Robert Anthony (0-3)

Cage immediately charged and Anthony managed to avoid it, firing off shots of his own. That didn’t last long and Cage hit a Buckle Bomb and deadlift superplex before winning with the Screwdriver in 0:58. A good old fashioned squash, baby! [NR]

David Ali (0-1) and Musa (0-6) vs. SCU (Kazarian 18-9, Christopher Daniels 10-5)

It’s interesting that this was the original SCU pairing and not Scorpio Sky again. Ali and Musa had some decent tag stuff going, including a nice moonsault combo spot. You can tell they’re not tag specialists as there was an issue where the illegal man went for a pin at one point. Musa tried to get in a cheap shot on Kazarian on the apron but he avoided it and hit a Fameasser of sorts. Kazarian got the tag and came in mild. SCU won after hitting a Best Moonsault Ever/Tombston combo in 3:31. Two for two in enjoyable squash matches. [NR]

Pineapple Pete (0-4) vs. Shawn Spears (5-2 in 2020)

You have to love how much Chris Jericho hates Pineapple Pete. There was a random fan in a shirt similar to Pete who was cheering him on. Pete moved quickly, hitting a cross body, scoring flash pins, and frustrating Spears. He had to regroup with Tully outside. That helped as Spears was able to get going inside and score two on a spinebuster. Blue Thunder Bomb also got two. Despite that, it was a left hand with the glove that put Pete down in 4:53. There was some kind of weapon in the glove. That was pretty solid. Pete has shown some promise. [**]

Griff Garrison (0-1) vs. Lance Archer (6-1)

IT’S THE MURDERHAWK! Yes! He brought out a random dude over his shoulder and powerslammed him on the stage. Dude was literally laid out for the entire match. Garrison got in some right hands and uppercuts. He made the mistake of hitting the ropes and Archer hit him with the POUNCE. That allowed Archer to kick ass, though Garrison stood up to him. Garrison went up top but got hit and taken down with the Blackout. The EBD Claw ended this in 3:41. I love Archer squashes. [NR]

The guy who Archer beat up before the match rolled into the ring. Archer picked him up and planted him with a chokeslam.

Alex Reynolds and John Silver (0-1) vs. Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss (3-0)

Reynolds and Silver are 3 & 4 of the Dark Order. The Janela/Kiss pairing has been surprisingly fun so far. Again , they showed that off with some dynamite tag offense and things looking a bit smoother than last week. You can’t beat Kiss’s move where he smashes a dude’s face into his ass. They added onto that with more offense capped by a superkick. Taz suggested that Janela start wearing the same trunks as Kiss. Janela ended up as the face in peril, taking a press slam/cutter combo for two. He got free and tagged Kiss who did things like a split jawbreaker, twerk, and snap arena. The Dark Order boys cut off a Janela dive and then dove into him as he was dropped into a Brainbuster. Kiss got beat up until Janela returned with a double Blockbuster. Kiss and Janela hit stereo missile dropkicks. As Janela hit a fireman’s carry, Kiss jumped off the guy’s back and into the split leg drop for the win in 7:41. That was better than I expected. Quality tag wrestling and I like the Kiss/Janela duo even more. [***]

KiLynn King (0-2) vs. Mel (0-2)

It’ll be interesting to see what they do with Mel now that the Nightmare Collective stuff was dropped. Commentary played up how both women are lanky. Mel was more aggressive, slamming King’s face into the mat and turnbuckle. King kept going for an arm drag that Mel kept blocking. King finally got going with a high kick that stunned Mel. Only then did the arm drag work. She started getting in some chops and strikes and a rough looking cross body. She missed a splash and got planted with a chokeslam bomb of sorts in 5:25. That was sloppy at times and they looked uncomfortable against each other. [1/2*]

Lee Johnson (0-11) vs. Scorpio Sky (18-9)

So it sounds like Sky will handle the singles stuff going forward for SCU. Johnson has been solid despite his record. He got in some shots and used his speed for a small advantage but ran into a boot and took a dropkick. Sky got a near fall and Johnson was showing resiliency before dealing out a barrage of strikes. He landed on his feet on a German and hit a Blue Thunder Bomb for a close call. Although Johnson put up a good fight, he fell to a TKO in 4:56. Not the squash I expected and Johnson looked pretty good. [**]

Jurassic Express (4-2 in 2020) vs. Luther, Max Caster & Serpentico (0-0)

Marko Stunt started things off and got bullied but fought back. Typical Stunt. Caster started for his guys and really ran into trouble when Jungle Boy tagged in. Jungle Boy and Serpentico had a very good back and forth. Luchasaurus tossed him around when he got tagged and then Caster came in back in for a beating. Stunt and Jungle Boy hit splashes off of Luchasaurus, who then hit a moonsault, and then Stunt and Jungle Boy hit stereo splashes. Bit combo. Luther made the save and tagged himself in. Luther did well against Stunt but that all changed for his team when Luchsaurus was legal again. Before Luther and Luchasaurus could have an official face off, Serpentico pulled him away. They watched as Caster was left to get hit with a triple chokeslam and tap to the STF in 8:34. Solid enough. The heel team wasn’t all that interesting but Jurassic Express are enjoyable. [**]

Orange Cassidy (4-5) vs. Peter Avalon (0-16)

Avalon’s “sshhh” gimmick is odd in a quiet arena. Cassidy had a band-aid on his head after the Jericho attack. He annoyed Avalon with his antics. That included breaking a waist lock by getting his hands in his pockets and shimmying free. Cassidy stopped to flirt with Leva Bates for a moment, allowing Avalon to baseball slide him and hit a plancha. He took control inside for a few minutes. OC got going for the babyface comeback, sending Avalon face-first into each corner. Props to Avalon for overselling the last one. OC won with the Superman Punch in 5:45. Fun stuff. Cassidy is always a joy and Avalon did some solid work as the villain. [**1/4]

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I enjoyed that more than most weeks. It wasn't too long, clocking in at about 70 minutes, and featured mostly decent matches. Orange Cassidy, SCU, and Lance Archer are guys I can watch have short bouts, while the Kiss & Janela tag was good.

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