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Kevin’s AEW Dark Review 6.30.20

June 30, 2020 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
AEW Dark
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Kevin’s AEW Dark Review 6.30.20  

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For the second straight week, Lance Archer tweeted me about the show! Dude is really cool.

This started with a backstage segment where Brandon Sutter and Pete Avalon argued. They were told they would be teaming up tonight. They weren’t happy but Leva Bates was happy. The Young Bucks, their opponents tonight, came up to say that they would teach them about tag team wrestling. Matt said he would never turn on Nick and they made a TNA joke. Matt also plugged their upcoming book.

Max Caster (0-1) vs. Shawn Spears (6-2 in 2020)

Aubrey Edwards checked Spears’ glove. Most of this was one-sided, really getting over the idea that Shawn Spears is more aggressive and vicious with his glove gimmick. Edwards continually checked it. Caster did use the Edwards stuff as an opening for a rollup but he ate a spinebuster for his troubles. Spears put him down with relative ease after hitting the running DVD in 3:18. Squash match that did what it needed to. Spears added a post-match attack. [NR]

Lance Archer (7-1) vs. Pineapple Pete (0-5)

Archer jumped Pete during his entrance. When they hit the ring, Pete threw a dropkick and a few kicks. He rattled Archer just a bit and sent him to the apron, before dropkicking him off. Joey Janela was rooting for Pete and Archer got in his face. They meet at Fyter Fest. Pete tried a tope suicida but got caught and hit with a chokeslam onto the apron. Murderhawk is right. Archer dominated from there but took time to jaw with Janela. Pete kept surviving, though, even kicking out after a twisting splash. He escaped the Blackout but got put down with the EBD Claw, complete with head smashing in 5:55. More competitive than I expected. Pete had a few moments of hope and showed fight but was no match. This did what it needed to. [**1/2]

Joey Janela stopped a post-match attack by running after Archer with a leaf blower.

Griff Garrison (0-2) vs. Ricky Starks (0-1)

Starks was a solid performer on NWA Powerrr last year. He brought his usual flair to this, adding a little something to even the simplest of moves. He did hit a rather vicious elbow at one point. Starks delivered a great looking Spear to win this in 3:59. That was a fun little showcase for Starks. [NR]

Starks gave Taz a fist bump but dissed Excalibur

Bradley Pierce (0-3) vs. Scorpio Sky (19-9)

New solo music for Scorpio Sky! A victory here would make Sky only the this person in AEW to get there behind Kenny Omega and Cody. Pierce wasn’t intimidated, slapping Sky in the fact and getting one back for his troubles. Pierce also added a big pump kick in the corner. He was bleeding a bit from the mouth due to some of Sky’s shots. Sky remained in control though, winning with the TKO in 3:35. Another squash but another that was relatively entertaining. PNR]

Allie (4-2) and Brandi Rhodes (2-1) vs. KiLynn King (0-3) and Skyler Moore (0-3)

A notable storyline here between Allie and Brandi Rhodes. They were introduced as the Nightmare Sisters but Brandi corrected Justin Roberts because they are not a team. Allie had a good luck sign from QT Marshall, who is at home after being in contact who tested positive for COVID-19. Brandi started with King and di well but Allie tagged herself in and took over. Brandi tagged herself in shortly after and Allie was annoyed. Quick tags were used by King and Moore to keep control over Brandi. Allie notably didn’t try to help Brandi when she was getting pinned. Allie got the tag after a bit, mocked Dustin, and said she had to do everything. She hit the Final Cut and dedicated it to QT. Then, she sat on the middle rope and tagged Brandi so she could get the pin in 5:16. I liked the story stuff they did here. The action was an improvement over last week too. [**]

The Butcher and The Blade (5-4 in 2020) vs. Fuego del Sol and Low Rida (0-1)

You know how Butcher and Blade matches go. They tossed Rida and Fuego around with the greatest of ease. Commentary even made several jokes at their expense. They was nearly a murder on a backdrop driver on Low Rida. Fuego got put in a Cloverleaf and Butcher just no sold Rida kicking him to break it. He got tossed aside by Blade, Butcher added a powerbomb, and put the submission back on to win in 4:10. Total domination. [NR]

Brandon Cutler and Peter Avalon (0-3) vs. The Young Bucks (15-9)

I believe Cutler is 0-16, while Avalon is 0-17. Cutler does well against the Bucks and has competitive back and forth with them. Avalon gets double-teamed and immediately tags out but Cutler received the same treatment. Cutler and Avalon nearly turned it around but started arguing. It allowed Nick to slip out and tag in Matt without them even noticing. The Bucks took them out with dives. They remained in control until Cutler got going, including launching Nick onto Matt in creative fashion. He also nailed them with a tope suicida. Cutler and Avalon get going, including a swinging DDT from Avalon and springboard elbow from Cutler. Alas, the Bucks started reeling off superkicks and their signature offense. BTE Trigger on Avalon wrapped it up in 9:15. Good main event with some fun exchanges. They even made you slightly believe that Cutler and Avalon might pull off the upset. [**3/4]

Post-match, the Bucks had Cutler and Avalon shake hands. They did and smiled, seeing that they’ve worked well as a team.

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A pretty good night. The show did what it had to, giving the right people their squashes. We had story advancement for Allie/Brandi and the main event was solid. Plus, it only clocked in at about an hour this week!

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