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Kevin’s AEW Dark Review 7.21.20

July 21, 2020 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
AEW Dark 7-21-20
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Kevin’s AEW Dark Review 7.21.20  

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Hikaru Shida (13-1 in 2020) vs. Rache Chanel (0-2)

Hell yeah! Some Shida on Dark. Chanel still seemed overly concerned with her hair instead of the action. She even combed Shida’s hair at one point. Shida quickly got back in control and hit a sweet stalling vertical suplex. Shida added a rough looking backbreaker and put on the Fujiwara armbar. Someone has been watching Timothy Thatcher. Chanel survived but fell to the Falcon Arrow (SHE DID THE DEAL) in 5:32. I love that Shida actually uses that as a finisher. Fine little match, though more competitive than expected. Give me more Shida. [**]

Corey Hollis (0-1)  vs. Kip Sabian (7-5 in 2020)

I remember Hollis in NXT. He frustrated Sabian early and targeted the shoulder in the early stages. I liked Sabian’s character work here. Things like celebrating kicking a field goal were fun. He won with Deathly Hallows in short order at the 4:26 mark. Mostly a squash but a relatively entertaining one. [**]

Dasha got a word with Dustin as he trained the Nightmare Sisters on a football field. When asked about why they’re teaming, Allie gave attitude but Brandi notes that they wanted to bring attention to the women’s tag division since the men get the hype. The two end up bickering as Dustin and Dasha left.

Best Friends (10-4 in 2020) vs. Brady Pierce and Sabby (0-0)

Sabby is the former Tino Sabbatelli. That’s a bad name. Chuck keeps his shirt on, meaning he’s not taking this seriously (like Omega and Naito). They work some veteran tag stuff, showing their experience. A Sabby knee to the back turned the tide and put Chuck into the face in peril role. It doesn’t last long. However, Trent took a loner heat segment. Chuck used a blind tag to come in with a clothesline. He hit Sole Food and Trent added a Spear before they did stereo dives. Strong Zero ended this in 7:56. Quality little tag match here. [**1/4]

Ricky Starks (2-1) vs. Will Hobbs (0-2)

Taz continued to heavily praise Starks on commentary. Starks was cocky and got thrown around a bit, including on a stalling vertical suplex. Eventually, Starks used Hobbs’ size against him. He then showed off a very impressive double underhook slam her he hoisted Hobs up. It got him the win in 3:42. A squash but another fine win for Ricky. [NR]

Aaron Solow (0-0) vs. Scorpio Sky (21-10)

Hey, I know this Solow guy. Solid back and forth exchange between the two with Solow showing that he can go. They continued with that for a while, with Solow actually getting a few close calls. His sunset flip bomb into the corner actually had commentary believing in the upset. He did miss a weak looking middle rope elbow. Sky finished with the TKO in 6:33. I thought that was pretty good. Solow is a guy who should get a few more looks in AEW. [**1/2]

Diamante (0-3) vs. KiLynn King (0-5)

Diamante has Ivelisse on Dynamite tomorrow. Someone is getting their first win here! Diamante was the more aggressive woman here, seeming like she really wanted that first win. Whether it was suplexes or chops, she was impressive. King thew some decent kicks down the stretch but lost to Code Red in 4:46. That was inoffensive. Diamante looked good. [*3/4]

Darby Allin vs. Robert Anthony (0-4)

Hell yeah! I also get some Darby! Sadly, I missed his record. He stared down Taz hard. It caused Anthony to shout at him to pay attention. Anthony went after him finally but still got hit with Yoshi Tonic. Anthony turned the tide with a suplex off the guardrail. Allin got worked over but did apply an armbar, which is a nice touch for someone feuding with Cage. He also threw in a Coffin Drop to Anthony while he stood on the apron. A Stunner and second Coffin Drop wrapped this up in 6:47. That was petty solid. [**1/4]

Cage came out after the match and German suplexed Allin from the stage into the ring. Anthony got in his face only fo Ricky Starks to show up and throw him into the guardrail. Cage powerbombed Allin twice and then Starks took over with his finisher to leave him lying. Cage and Starks fist-bumped and Taz gushed over this. Hey, a big angle on Dark!

Brandon Cutler and Peter Avalon (0-6) vs. The Butcher and The Blade (9-5)

Cutler came out hot but Butcher and Blade used good tag work to beat on Avalon. The Librarian was isolated for most of this match and took a beating. Leva gave him an opening by diving off the apron onto Butcher. She got caught and then Avalon crashed into them. She might’ve gotten hurt there. Cutler got the mild tag and did his thing. Although he hit a plancha, they never really threatened here. Cutler fell to Full Death(?) in 6:48. It was fine but nothing more. [**]

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While I preferred the in-ring stuff last week, this show was consistent. There was nothing outwardly bad and I appreciated the Starks/Cage angle as it was important and happened on this B show.

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