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Kevin’s AEW Fyter Fest 2021 (Night Two) Review

July 22, 2021 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
AEW Dynamite Fyter Fest
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Kevin’s AEW Fyter Fest 2021 (Night Two) Review  

AEW Fyter Fest 2021 Night 2

July 21st, 2021 | Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas

Chairs Match: Chris Jericho (30-11-1) vs. Shawn Spears (6-1 in 2021)

We start with Jericho’s first labour he must go through to get a match with MJF. Bold move by AEW to open with Shawn Spears. The gimmick is that only Shawn Spears can use a chair. MJF was on commentary. The opening stages of this were pretty dull as even though they brawled outside, it felt kind of lifeless and you could see Jericho calling spots. The crowd did pop for him using the camera at ringside, which was welcome. When Spears took over on offense again, things were dull but Jericho busted out a top rope rana and I must say, having a live crowd is so great. Spears got free of the Walls of Jericho with a Tully Blanchard distraction and using the chair as a weapon. Sammy Guevara got into it with Tully but didn’t hit him, only forced him to the back like a true babyface. Jericho kicked out of the C4 and avoided one with a chair before winning with the Judas Effect in 10:59. That was better than I expected. It was kept short, did what it had to, and had a HOT crowd. [***]

MJF sarcastically congratulated Jericho on winning the first labour. The second one is next week and Jericho can’t have anyone like Guevara come out. Next week, he will be in a No DQ match and it’ll be against NICK GAGE! What the hell even is wrestling in 2021? Nick Gage vs. Chris Jericho makes no sense and I am HERE for it.

God’s Favorite Champion Miro got a backstage promo to say that there will be no TNT Champion after him. He will defend the title in two weeks at Homecoming but no word on who it’ll be against.

Doc Gallows (6-1) vs. Frankie Kazarian (20-3 in 2021)

Even bolder move to follow Shawn Spears with Doc Gallows. There wasn’t much to this and a fair amount of it ran through the commercial break so we only saw it in a small screen. Gallows was the overpowering big man wearing down his opponent and Kazarian did whatever he could to rally. Karl Anderson tried to cheat but got taken out. The referee somehow didn’t see that even though he should’ve. Gallows used the choke bomb to win in 6:36. That was a match that happened. [*½]

Kazarian ate the Magic Killer after the bell, which brought out Kenny Omega and Don Callis. Honestly, getting Callis to be the promo guy for The Elite is great because he can do it and Kenny and the Bucks aren’t all that much in that department. They ran Kazarian down as the Elite Hunter now being hunted and they went to attack but out came Hangman Page to a pop. Callis called him stupid or drunk to fight 4-on-1 and Page said he was both, attacking Gallows and Anderson. Omega bailed and Dark Order hit the ring to help Page put down the Impact boys. If they don’t pull the trigger on Hangman, they’re MONUMENTALLY stupid.

Brian Cage watched a promo from Team Taz, where they talked about a big party next week to celebrate Ricky Starks winning the FTW Title. Cage said he loves celebrations, so he’ll likely be there.

Darby Allin (11-2 in 2021) vs. Wheeler YUTA (2-3)

An odd match considering both guys are babyfaces. They had some solid back and forth and I liked how YUTA tripped Allin up on the top rope, dropping him ribs first on the top turnbuckle. Of course, all everyone loved here was OC and Sting interacting at ringside. Sting did the OC spots, trading soft kicks with him and even beating on his chest lazily. It was incredible. Darby won with the Coffin Drop soon after in 4:21. A fun little match. Five stars for OC/Sting. [**]

The Blade laid out Orange Cassidy with brass knuckles at ringside.

After a video for the main event, HIKULEO was shown in the audience. For those unaware, he’s Haku’s kid.

AEW Women’s World Championship: Britt Baker [c] (11-1 in 2021) vs. Nyla Rose (16-2 in 2021)

Big pop for Britt. Even Rebel got a pop. Nyla dominated this to start with a press slam and a senton. That remained the case through a commercial break as Baker’s comeback attempts kept getting thwarted and Nyla would just toss her around. Thankfully, Baker is ridiculously over, so any of those comebacks were met with a great reaction. They even were upset when she only got a near fall. A great moment came when Baker tried to Eddie Guerrero trick Nyla with the title, only for it to backfire and Nyla turn it around since Vickie wouldn’t let that happen. That set up a good near fall on a Nyla powerbomb. Baker countered a second Beast Bomb and turned it into Lockjaw to retain in 12:08. One of Nyla’s better matches and a good first defense for Baker. That was hard hitting and told a fine story. [***¼]

Tony Schiavone conducted a face to face press conference of sorts between FTR and Santana and Ortiz. Santana showed pictures of his family, while Dax said all he cared about is god, his family, and wrestling. They teased a brawl but was broken up. The two best tag teams in AEW, yes I say that knowing who holds the titles, meet next week!

Andrade El Idolo was out for an in-ring interview with Tony Schiavone. Andrade announced a new executive consultant and it’s CHAVO GUERRERO JR.! I think that could work better than Vickie. Before Chavo could put Andrade over, they were cut off by Death Triangle. I must say, the thought of Andrade against Penta/Fenix/PAC is ENFERMO (google translate it, baby). PAC said they didn’t like hearing Andrade call them out. Andrade and Chavo put over their talent but pointed out that they don’t win titles and that could change if they follow Andrade. PAC said nobody works for anyone because they’re family. Penta’s translator said Andrade isn’t even on their level. A fight almost broke out but things were kept calm.

Earlier tonight, the Hardy Family Office brawled with Jurassic express until Christian Cage made the save. Marko Stunt was taken out, so Christian cut a promo in the back with Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus, challenging Angelico and Private Party for next week.

The Blade (14-3 in 2021) vs. Orange Cassidy (N/A)

Orange Cassidy’s record didn’t come up since he showed up behind Blade and attacked him to get this started. Blade feigned an injury to turn the tide but ate Stundog Millionaire to fall back into trouble. Blade worked him over during the break and after returning, Bunny got involved. Out came Kris Statlander to go after her and Blade pulled Statlander in the way of a Cassidy tope suicida. The tables were turned when Blade bumped into Bunny soon after. The match continued inside and Cassidy won with the Orange Punch in 8:43 before adding another with the brass knuckles after the bell. Another solid outing. [**½]

Hilariously, Chris Jericho was interviewed backstage and said he’d bring the PAINMAKER NEXT WEEK. I couldn’t stop laughing. This 50-year-old man putting on clown makeup isn’t going to intimidate anyone.

The lineup for Fight for the Fallen next week:

· Christian Cage & Jurassic Express vs. The Hardy Family Office

· HIKUELO gets an IWGP US Title Shot

· Chris Jericho vs. Nick Gage

· Tony Khan makes a major live event announcement

· FTR vs. Santana & Ortiz

· The Elite vs. Dark Order & Hangman Page in an elimination match

In two weeks, Cody vs. Malakai Black at Homecoming.

IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship Texas Death Match: Jon Moxley [c] (35-2-1) vs. Lance Archer (15-3 in 2021)

Hot start as they just brawled in the middle of the ring before taking things to the outside and through the crowd. Archer even threw a random dude at Moxley. Honestly, I’ve grown to love Archer. He just beats people up and doesn’t get paid by the hour. Moxley hit an early Paradigm Shift outside, which made sense in a match without pinfalls. After a break, Archer was bleeding a lot as he got worn down with weapons. Moxley even bit at his bloody head. Archer retaliated with some high impact offense. In the final few minutes, they were just throwing bombs at each other and doing wild stuff like using barbed wire boards. Just what I want from this kind of match. Archer used a fork as a weapon after Moxley did, allowing him to hit a chokeslam off the apron through the barbed wire board and tables. That left Moxley down for the 10 count in 16:34, giving Archer the big win he has needed. Great war that was better than the one in New Japan and was the kind of brawl that it needed to be. [****]

Post-match, HIKUELO stepped up to Archer and DWARFED him. I never liked HIKUELO in New Japan but I’m intrigued if he’s gotten better.

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
That show was a lot of fun. It had a few matches that didn’t fully click but there was fun to be had in almost everything and it all served something of a purpose. The crowd added a lot and that main event ruled.

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