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Kevin’s Lucha Underground 6.20.18 Review

June 24, 2018 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
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Kevin’s Lucha Underground 6.20.18 Review  

This week’s Lucha Underground episode opened with Catrina in King Cuerno’s lair. She looked for the Gauntlet of the Gods, but it’s not in a trophy case. Cuerno appeared in his dope cowboy hat to say he couldn’t let her get it. She wants it to get her life force back. Cuerno said he gave it to someone for safe keeping and doesn’t know where or when they hid it. Sounds like Aerostar put it somewhere.

Trios Championship: Killshot, The Mack and Son of Havoc [c] vs. Big Bad Steve, Jake Strong and Sammy Guevara
It was supposed to be Famous B, Dr. Wagner Jr. and Texano as the challengers. However, Famous B came out and said Wagner and Texano were off making money for him elsewhere. So, Famous B introduced three new clients. First was Big Bad Steve, who was his mechanic. Next was Sammy Guevara, who uses that name all over the indies. Last up was Jake Strong, the former Jack Swagger. He’s playing “The Savage” and commentary put over his size. This was a good opener that showcased all the characters involved. The champions are uneasy because Havoc isn’t supposed to be a member. Guevara is an athletic high flyer, while Strong played the silent badass. Steve was kind of just there. Strong had it won with an ankle lock, but Famous B was distracting the referee. The mistake cost them, and Havoc hit an SSP on Steve to retain in 5:28. [***]

Post-match, Strong attacked his partners. Famous B tried to stop him, but got put in the ankle lock. Strong snapped it, complete with sound, to break his ankle. We got the leg version of Pentagon. I actually would’ve liked more of Strong with Famous B. He could’ve been the wild, over the top manager for the silent tough guy.

Antonio Cueto came out and mentioned that the Gift of the Gods Title was a great Dario idea, so he’s bringing it back.

Gift of the Gods Medallion: Drago w/ Kobra Moon vs. Dragon Azteca Jr.
I appreciate how Lucha Underground still manages to give us fresh matchups in season four. These guys are very good, but have never met except for maybe in an Aztec Warfare or Trios tag and I’m not even certain of that off the top of my head. However, it possibly was an issue here, as parts of this were disjointed. Drago still seems to be settling into his new heel role. He did some of the little things right, like going after Azteca’s mask and slowing the pace, but it doesn’t feel natural yet. The finish came from out of nowhere a bit, as Azteca hit a wheelbarrow driver off the top at 6:07. Fine little match, but nothing more. [**3/4]

After the match, Johnny Mundo came out and talked smack to Kobra. Kobra sent Vibora to attack him during Aztec Warfare. Taya snuck in and beat up Kobra Moon. The couple kissed to head into break.

Backstage, Catrina appeared in Antonio Cueto’s office. She’s glitchy and is stuck between the real world and the spirit world. She wants Cueto to book Fenix vs. Mil Muertes in Grave Consequences (season one callback!), so that when Fenix is buried, she can have his life force. Antonio agreed because it sounded violent.

Lucha Underground Championship: Pentagon Dark [c] vs. Matanza Cueto
Commentary noted that Matanza was 2-0 against Pentagon. Vampiro said he wanted Pentagon to stay dark and forget about the fans. Antonio watched this from near his office. These guys had the kind of match you want from them. They brawled around the Temple for the first few minutes before finally taking things inside. It’s always interesting to watch Pentagon fight from behind. He got dominated at points in the ring, before surprising everyone with a Mexican Destroyer. He added a second and hit the Package Piledriver to retain in 7:42. It was the first singles loss for Matanza. Really good match with all srots of intensity for the time it was given. [***1/2]

Not content, Pentagon grabbed Matanza in an attempt to break his arm. He snapped back and went for it, but Antonio appeared with the key and Matanza overpowered him. He got free. Antonio slapped his son, who cowered for the first time ever. Antonio said that Dario spoiled him. Matanza followed him to the back.

To end the show, Jeremiah Crane entered Antonio’s office. Antonio told him it was a bad time. Crane said he wanted to bury Mil and Fenix, because he’s willing to put his life on the line to get Catrina. Antonio made it a Three Way to the Grave match.

The final score: review Good
The 411
Another good episode of Lucha Underground. Nothing great this week, but some strong story advancement. Matanza got his first loss, Catrina is moving things forward, the debut of Jake Strong, and the return of the Gift of the Gods. Fun stuff.

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