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Kevin’s NXT Review 11.11.20

November 11, 2020 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
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Kevin’s NXT Review 11.11.20  

Johnny Gargano is in the ring for his Wheel of Challengers gimmick. The idea is that he’ll pick an opponent from it and reverse the curse of losing singles titles in his first defense. It spins around and goes back and forth until it lands on a handwritten entry of Leon Ruff.

NXT North American Championship: Johnny Gargano [c] vs. Leon Ruff

Johnny poses with Leon before the bell and then baits him in for a cheap shot. Ruff gets in some early shots but is thrown around by Johnny. As that happens,  Johnny spots Damian Priest in the audience and mocks him with the arrow taunt. Priest moves from behind the glass to the side and scares Johnny, who gets rolled up in inside for two. Johnny misses the superkick and takes a tilt-a-whirl crucifix and Ruff pulls off the upset!

Winner: Leon Ruff in 3:43 [That was fine as a match but it was all about the moment. I like what I’ve seen of Ruff, it was a great shock, and Johnny deserved it. **]

Ruff celebrates with Priest. He’s so skinny that when he puts the title around his waist, it immediately falls to the floor.

Backstage, Ruff is interviewed about the win and he’s blown away. Damian Priest congratulates him and gives him the keys to his car so he can drive off before Gargano chases him down. Ruff is gone as Gargano storms through the back and argues with Priest.

NXT Cruiserweight Championship: Santos Escobar [c] vs. Jake Atlas

Earlier today, Atlas attacked in the parking lot, so now he injured both Wilde and Mendoza. They’re with Escobar still, though. There is aggression from the start here. Even as Escobar works a rest hold, he adds elbows and things like that to make it worse. A lot of these holds target the neck area. Atlas rallies and then takes out both guys outside with a weapon. Enziguri on Escobar and a springboard blockbuster gets him two. Escobar regroups heading into break. Returning, Santos has regained control and keeps up the anger, hitting corner knees. Atlas gets going and hits some chops, but is knocked off the top and to the outside. Atlas barely beats a countout to survive and starts with flash pins, picking up multiple close calls. Atlas with a series of moves ending with a moonsault for two. Alas, Escobar hits Legado and retains the gold.

Winner: Santos Escobar in 15:00 [That was really good. I have been enjoying the more vicious side to Atlas, fed up with Legado Del Fantasma, and that allowed this to be more of a straight one on one encounter. Escobar was simply too much. ***1/2]

Dexter Lumis draws the zombie referee chasing after Cameron Grimes backstage.

Shotzi Blackheart speaks in a vignette about her tank being destroyed. It’s not just a prop. It represents freedom and her family who are in the military. She says they’re way past ven and she’s out to kick her ass.

Raquel Gonzalez vs. Xia Li

This is supposed to happen but Boa shows up instead of Xia. He apologizes and says she can’t have a match with Xia. Raquel is pissed because Xia called her out. Raquel takes out her frustrations on Boa, booting him and throwing him into the glass. She added a one-handed powerbomb on him inside. Raquel shouts for him to keep her name out of their mouths. After she leaves, the lights turn red and the arena gets smoky. An older Asian man limps out and Boa bows to him. He hands Boa a paper and draws some weird design on his hand before leaving.

August Grey gets interviewed about attacking Timothy Thatcher last week. Before he can say anything, Tim jumps him and they fight around the PC. Grey is thrown into Lumis’ drawing, leading them to having a face off.

Candice LeRae vs. Toni Storm

Very good back and forth to start here as the women jockey for position and trade holds. Storm picks up the pace and boots Candice down but she misses a hip attack outside and runs into the steel steps. That takes us to commercial. During the break, Candice had control and wore Toni down. Returning, she hits a backstabber but misses the quebrada. Toni knocks her out with a headbutt but falls to the floor herself. As they get up, they trade shots and Toni hits a snap German suplex. Hip attack and series of clotheslines follow. Candice rallies and hits a swinging neckbreaker off the top for a near fall. Toni kicks here away but gets rolled up and Candice gets her feet on the ropes to steal this.

Winner: Candice LeRae in 10:17 [A quality match but a disappointing one. They could’ve done more and it feels like they were holding back for maybe something down the line. ***]

Toni attacks Candice but here comes Scream mask person to join in. Shotzi hits the ring to even the odds but eats a boot from the masked figure. They horribly flub a double Wicked Stepsister and then the mask comes off to reveal Indi Hartwell, which wasn’t at all a surprise.

Backstage, Breezango says it took them years to get to the top and it was ruined by Pat McAfee, who isn’t even a wrestler. Tonight, they won’t be there to have fun. They’re here to win.

Dexter Lumis vs. Timothy Thatcher

Lumis is wrestling in a sweater, jeans, and has gloves on. It’s the total opposite of Thatcher, who is all business in his trunks. Thatcher suplexes him over but Lumis is back up and Thatcher is thrown off. Lumis gets stretched in a bow and arrow for a bit. Lumis turns it around and they end up brawling outside. Thatcher seems to be enjoying this as he breaks the count and returns to add more shots. He launches Lumis shoulder first into the ring post heading into break. Returning, Thatcher gets two on a butterfly suplex. Lumis gets gong with a back suplex, kip up, and leg drop. The fight moves to the top rope where they club each other. Lumis blocks a superplex and sends him to the mat. When Thatcher goes up, Lumis puts on the Silencer. Thatcher elbows out but is sent to the mat again. Swanton Bomb connects Cameron Grimes shows up and Thatcher is sent into him. That allows Thatcher to pull Lumis into a pinning combination to win.

Winner: Timothy Thatcher in 13:32 [I still can’t get into Lumis. This was dull and Thatcher didn’t help things. **]

Grimes jumps Lumis but he pops up and sends him packing. However, Grimes drops his arm over the ropes and then puts a burlap sack over Lumis’ head before dumping him outside. Since he can’t see, Lumis wildly swings a chair and misses. Grimes sits him on the chair and delivers the Cave In.

In the back, Johny Gargano is outside of Mr. Regal’s office. He throws a fit, saying he’s still the champion and that it was a joke. Regal says the decision stands.

Tommaso Ciampa cuts a promo backstage and talks about how the NXT roster likes to say that they’re tough more than prove it. He is the change needed in 2020.

We get a Prime Target to hype the upcoming Io Shirai vs. Rhea Ripley match. Rhea was on the road to regaining the title after WrestleMania but Io won at TakeOver: In Your House instead. They are now on a collision course and they meet for the title next week!

Before the main event, Pat McAfee cuts a promo and calls his stable the best four-man group in wrestling history. He joins commentary after putting over Burch and Lorcan as the top tag team in the world. He even calls Barrett “Bad News Barrett.”

Backstage, Cameron Grimes brags about beating up Lumis since he covered up his creepy eyes. He’s going somewhere now…TO THE MOON!

NEXT WEEK ~ Finn Balor addresses the NXT Universe.

NXT Tag Team Championship: Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan [c] vs. Breezango

The champs attack right at the bell. Breezango weathers the storm and starts working over Burch. Fandango fires up and tags in Breeze for a double big boot that smashes his skull. The fight goes outside heading into commercial break. As we return, it’s clear that Breeze has become the isolated challenger. McAfee has left commentary to cheer on his guys. Tag to Fandango who comes in hot but it doesn’t really work since we didn’t get to feel the heat segment. Falcon Arrow connects but the pin is broken up. Breeze superkicks Burch and tries a dive but Pete Dunne pulls Burch to safety. However, Fandango takes them both out with a somersault. As McAfee distracts the referee, Drake Maverick appears, getting revenge for Killian Dain. He hits Oney Lorcan with an enziguri and then takes out McAfee with a somersault. Fandango nails the leg drop for two. Dunne runs over Maverick and also hits Breeze. Fandango doesn’t see a tag and eats a headbutt before falling to the elevated DDT.

Winners: Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan in 9:59 [A disappointment. There was nothing outwardly wrong with it but it was hard to buy into the tag formula when the heat happens during the break and picture in picture. That made it hard to fully invest in. **1/2]

Drake Maverick comes off the top and takes out Burch. Of course, he’s outnumbered and takes a beating from the four men, including an Explex onto the announce table. They also beat up on Breezango. Breeze is lined up for McAfee to punt him like he did to Adam Cole, which hs nails.

The final score: review Good
The 411
From a wrestling standpoint, only the Cruiserweight Title match stood out. The rest of the show was fine. However, this worked in terms of angle advancement. The Ruff/Gargano stuff was fun, the women's angle was pushed, and the McAfee stable continues to stand tall. They're doing well despite missing the Undisputed Era and Finn Balor.

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