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Kevin’s NXT Review 4.01.20

April 1, 2020 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
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Kevin’s NXT Review 4.01.20  

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Not feeling very good tonight, so this probably won’t be a very good writeup.

We open with a video package previewing tonight’s North American TItle match.

Bobby Fish vs. Velveteen Dream

Tom Phillips and Sam Roberts are the commentary team. This gets off to an even start, with their banter clearly heard. Dream calls Fish old and Fish talks trash back. Dream tweaks his leg and takes a breather but slides away from him before hitting a cheap shot. He then adds a double axe handle. As they go outside, Dream hits a shot outside only to get sent into the barricade heading into commercial break. Returning, Fish is focusing on the left leg. He twists and pounds on it until another commercial break. Returning, Dream escapes a submission predicament and wins with the Dream Valley Driver in surprisingly short order.

Winner: Velveteen Dream in 15:51 [**1/2]

Dream cuts a promo after the match to tell Adam Cole that he needs to prepare to get worked harder than ever before. Dream over.

LAST WEEK ~ Malcolm Bivens and his BIG BOI tag team attacked Matt Riddle.

Bivens is interviewed in the back. His guys have something painted on their foreheads. He says their names but I’m not sure what they are exactly. I couldn’t hear well. He does call the whole team Bivens Enterprises. The guys talk in another language.

Dexter Lumis vs. Jake Atlas

Lumis is creepy and intense. he hits a spinebuster and dominates Atlas. He wrenches at Atlas and clubs on his face multiple times. Atlas comes back with a backbreaker and tope suicida. Lumis cuts him off with a shot to the throat, uranage, and what looks like an Anaconda Vice.

Winner: Dexter Lumis in 3:25 [NR]

Another Killer Kross vignette airs. This one shows more of him than ever

They air the Gargano/Ciampa Performance Center brawl. They compete next week.

Second Chance Gauntlet: Aliyah vs. Dakota Kai vs. Deonna Purrazzo vs. Kayden Carter vs. Shotzki Blackheart vs. Xia Li

Blackheart and Purrazzo start us off. Shotzi brings energy but Deonna gets some near falls with a short arm clothesline and wears her down. Shotzi fights back and wins with a senton in 3:45. Xia Li is next out. She fires off shots heading into break. Returning, not much has changed. Xia still kicks away at Shotzi, only to get trapped in a unique submission. She taps after 9:48. Aliyah is next to join the fray. She tries some flash pins and they roll around in a series of small packages Shotzi rolls through into another unique submission but Aliyah gets free and scores a near fall. She comes close with a jumping corner boot. Shotzi delivers a bunch of kicks and a Tiger Suplex. The submission that beat Xia Li works again, as Aliyah gives up at the 13:16 mark. Kayden Carter is out. She lands on her feet on a head scissors and gets two on a dropkick. Shotzi comes back with a facebuster style move before we get another commercial. Returning, Shotzi wins with the senton in 18:21. Dakota Kai is last out and she charges in with aggression. Kai beats on her for a while and Raquel Gonzalez gets in some cheap shots as well. Dakota gets frustrated that Shotzi doesn’t stay down. Shotzi pulls her into a submission but Kai gets free. Still, Shotzi gets in clotheslines and a back suplex, causing Kai to regroup outside. Shotzi takes out Kai and Gonzalez with a tope suicida. Shotzi sends Raquel into the steel steps. On Shotzi’s way back in, Kai boots her and hits the Go To Kick to win.

Winner: Dakota Kai in 24:06 [***]

A video package airs to hype Charlotte/Rhea.

Joaquin Wilde vs. Kushida

Sam Roberts is not a Wilde fan. Wilde and Kushida trade arm work. Kushida takes control heading into commercial. Returning, Wilde gets two on a slam that I admittedly missed while drinking some water. Kushida fights back and oddly asks Wilde if he’s okay. It backfires as Wilde gets in a stiff shot. Kushida with the handspring back elbow. He hip tosses him into the Hoverboard Lock to win.

Winner: Kushda in 8:48 [**1/2]

A video package airs to promote Gargano/Ciampa next week.

NEXT WEEK ~ Along with Gargano/Ciampa, the women’s ladder match goes down.

MOMENTS AGO ~ Joaquin Wilde is interviewed outside. He mentions that he keeps losing in NXT. A car pulls up and guys with masks kidnap him like they did to Raul Mendoza.

NXT North American Championship: Keith Lee [c] vs. Damian Priest vs. Dominik Dijakovic

Seconds into the match, they all kick each other and fall back, going into a commercial. Returning, the guys are throwing bombs already. Dijakovic interrupts a superplex and walks with Lee on his shoulders. Priest hits a spinning heel kick Doomsday Device to put all three men down. DD wants Feast Your Eyes but Priest avoids it and goes for a Razor’s Edge. Surprisingly, he dumps him out onto Lee, who catches him softly. Priest takes both out with a springboard somersault heading into another break. Returning again, Priest has control with things like a chokeslam. DD wants one of his own but Priest counters. They keep countering each other until Priest is tossed into Lee. He catches him in a powerbomb, throws him into DD and then powerbombs him onto DD three times. Spirit Bomb pin is broken up. Lee sends DD outside and goes after Priest but eats a step up enziguri. Priest blocks a super bomb with a super arena. DD hits Lee with a top rope elbow. They then hit each other with spin kicks and both fall on Lee for two. They battle up and DD ends up as the lone survivor. He hits a big corkscrew senton on Lee for two. Priest looks to attack with the nightstick. DD cuts him off for Feast Your Eyes but Priest blocks it with the nightstick. Lee POUNCES Priest to the outside and hits the Big Bang Catastrophe on DD to retain.

Winner: Keith Lee in 19:32 [***1/4]

The final score: review Not So Good
The 411
I wasn't really feeling this episode. It was probably the worst episode with matches since the AEW/NXT battles started. The main event was good and I liked most of the gauntlet. Kushida/Wilde and Fish/Dream were disappointments and there wasn't much else to sink my teeth into. Still, nothing outwardly bad and things look up starting next week.

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