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Kevin’s WWE Money in the Bank Review

May 10, 2020 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
WWE Braun Strowman Bray Wyatt Money in the Bank
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Kevin’s WWE Money in the Bank Review  

WWE Money in the Bank
May 10th, 2020 | WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida

It feels good to be reviewing and posting here again. Most of mine lately have gone to Patreon or been done in podcast form.

Kickoff Match: Cesaro vs. Jeff Hardy
On paper, this is a really good idea. Cesaro can always go and Jeff Hardy is really good against guys like him. Plus, Cesaro is a great choice to get a guy back into the swing of things. Cesaro was the aggressor, throwing Hardy around and he bumped like a madman. It’s just the layout you want from this kind of match. Jeff was in trouble until he hit Whisper in the Winds. That set him on the comeback train and they pulled out some fun spots like Cesaro, with a bad knee, getting sent into the steel steps. Jeff won with the Swanton in 13:32. Just a straight up high quality match that told a straightforward story and made sense. [***¼]

WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship: The New Day [c] vs. The Forgotten Sons vs. The Lucha House Party vs. John Morrison & The Miz
Onto the main card. Two men legal at a time and anyone can get tagged. Why does Gran Metalik suddenly have long ass hair? Did I miss something? This was a match that featured plenty of moving parts and most of them worked well. I don’t care for the Forgotten Sons or the Lucha House Party but they kind of played their roles relatively well here. They did a good job in building some drama and making you believe in some near falls, including when Miz snuck in to try and steal the match. The finish came when Big E hit Metalik and his hair with the Big Ending. The whole thing lasted 12:09 and was good, solid action. [***]

MVP vs. R-Truth
What is this, Smackdown 2009? I missed their pre-match banter and it looks like MVP introduced Lashley to take his place.

Bobby Lashley vs. R-Truth
Lashley completely dominated and won with the Spear in 1:43. [NR]

WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship: Bayley [c] vs. Tamina
If you want me uninterested in a match, involve Tamina. Yikes. It didn’t help that she was working babyface and I haven’t loved heel Bayley’s matches. Most of this match told an odd story. Usually, the heel is bigger and the face has to overcome. Here, Bayley had the spots where Tamina was too big for her and things like that. Bayley and Sasha Banks did their best to make this entertaining with some fun smack talk. They also threw in a few spots. Tamina is just really dull and added nothing to this. The awful finish where Sasha distracted Tamina, got chased, and then Bayley rolled her up didn’t help. It all went 10:29. [*½]

WWE Universal Championship: Braun Strowman [c] vs. Bray Wyatt
It’s Funhouse Bray and not the Fiend. He was pretty funny here, commenting on how strong Braun is. There were some interesting things going on here. Bray had a puppet cheering for him in the audience and there was a point where his demeanor changed as if the Fiend has inhabited him. Near the end, Strowman put on the black sheep mask from his Wyatt Family days. He appeared to bow in front of Bray, seemingly giving himself back up to him. However, he ripped off the mask and retained after hitting the running powerslam in 10:43. Not the best match from a technical standpoint but one that had a few interesting things going for it. [**]

WWE Championship: Drew McIntyre [c] vs. Seth Rollins
Seth’s promo stuff leading up to this has been tremendous. I liked how this started. Seth could talk all he wanted but once in the ring, Drew was too much for him. That’s when Seth used his brains and went after Drew’s knees. Since he’s really good, his heat segment was mostly entertaining. A miscalculation by Seth led him to crash into the table and set up McIntyre getting back on the offensive. I really liked Seth working on the knee to neutralize the Claymore and I dug Drew busting out Future Shock. Drew survived a Curb Stomp and avoided a second by hitting the Glasgow Kick. He took a superkick and bounced off the ropes with a Claymore to retain in 19:23. That was a hell of a match and the best thing on the show to this point. The whole thing was smartly wrestled, entertaining through, and had some great spots (the spider German was fantastic). [****]

Post-match, Seth accepted a handshake from Drew.

The Money in the Bank matches happened at the same time. I will do my best to rate them separately and such.

Money in the Bank Match: Asuka vs. Carmella vs. Dana Brooke vs. Lacey Evans vs. Nia Jax vs. Shayna Baszler
Asuka started above everyone else and dove onto them. Watching her dance in the elevator after closing the doors on everyone was hilarious. Stephanie McMahon appeared in the conference room (she clearly wasn’t actually there). The best bit saw Carmella break a picture of herself over Dana’s head only to walk into a hilariously shot Women’s Right. A food fight broke out on both sides, with Shayna choking out Rey at one point. I lost it at Dana slipping on a wet floor. It eventually hit something of a lull in terms of fun as it came down to Asuka, Nia, and Evans in the ring. Asuka got close and Corbin tried to stop her. Asuka kicked him down and retrieved the briefcase in 21:50. That was a dumb move by Baron because they’re fighting over difference briefcases. It’s so hard to rate something like this. I had a blast, though the ending was kind of weak.

Money in the Bank Match: AJ Styles vs. Aleister Black vs. Daniel Bryan vs. King Corbin vs. Otis vs. Rey Mysterio
I lost it at Corbin showing up and just calling AJ washed up. Otis trapping AJ under a weight was also funny as he couldn’t get up. They had a spot where they ran into the bathroom and Brother Love randomly appeared. AJ searched for Rey and got spooked at an Undertaker picture on the wall. AJ getting trapped in an Undertaker-themed room was perfect as he’s having trouble getting over being buried alive. Corbin made it to the roof first but was stopped by Asuka. Otis joined him and they fought. AJ, Rey, and Bryan also joined the fray. A scuffle came over the briefcase, with Elias returning to hit Corbin with a guitar. The briefcase fell from AJ’s hands into Otis’s, giving him the win in 27:01. Also, there was a point where Corbin threw Aleister and Rey off the roof. Are they dead?

I don’t really think that can get a rating. It was two matches happening at once and there was A LOT going on. That being said, I was really entertained throughout. I do think that it ended kind of weak on both sides and the forced comedy bits missed (Vince & Stephanie segments) but a lot of the other stuff was flat out hilarious. Shayna choking out Rey, AJ’s PTSD, a couple of cameos, Baron trying to murder people, and a few other bits were highly entertaining. Plus, we’ve seen so many ladder matches in recent history that trying something unique like this was more than worth it. Thumbs up.

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The 411
A solid show here. It was a breeze, ending before 9:30 PM EST, which was amazing. The night hit a lull for the Smackdown Women’s and Universal Title matches but still wasn’t awful at any point. Cesaro/Jeff is very good, the Tag Titles were solid, Seth/Drew was awesome, and the main event was a blast.

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