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Kevin’s WWE NXT 11.27.19 Review

November 27, 2019 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
Finn Balor Tommaso Ciampa NXT 11-27-19
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Kevin’s WWE NXT 11.27.19 Review  

We open to a recap of TakeOver: War Games.

Josiah Williams starts the show and hypes up how NXT beat Raw and Smackdown at Survivor Series. It’s time to celebrate because “we are NXT!” The roster comes out behind him walking to the ring and celebrating with the Full Sail crowd as Williams raps. The party is interrupted by the Undisputed Era. Adam Cole runs them down for celebrating as if they accomplished something. Cole says the Undisputed Era was the only reason that NXT was successful and that nobody around the ring did anything. They should be thanked for being their champions. He says they dominated all week as the ironmen of the brand. Tommaso Ciampa interrupts, saying they strangely confident for being a group of guys who got their asses kicked in War Games. He says War Games was the beginning of the end for the Undisputed Era. Their crumble has started and it continues when Keith Lee and Dijakovic win the Tag Titles tonight. With war over, “Daddy” is coming for Goldie once again. Finn Balor arrives. He walks past the Undisputed Era and says that he’s standing in Ciampa’s way of coming for the NXT Title. Ciampa wants everyone to watch. The Prince has just met his King, as Ciampa challenges Finn tonight. Finn seems to accept. Keith Lee says that match can go down later because it’s Tag Title time.

NXT Tag Team Championship: The Undisputed Era [c] vs. Dominik Dijakovic and Keith Lee

The champions jump the challengers before the bell and send Dijakovic packing. Lee fights them off and launches Fish onto O’Reilly outside. Commercial break time. During this stretch, the challengers toss the champions around with relative ease. Bobby Fish is apparently hurt so Roderick Strong is out in jeans to replace him. Kyle tries to wear Lee down but gets overpowered. Lee runs over both opponents and holds Roddy up with ease before slamming him into Kyle and then on top of him. Lee and Dijakovic have some miscommunication and they tease going at it. But the champions return and get wailed on. Kyle is laid on top of Bobby and Dijakovic suplexes Lee onto them. Dijakovic ends up as the face in peril when his left leg becomes a target. Time for another break. Returning, Dijakovic remains in trouble. Kyle and Roddy both try to hold off a hot tag. Dijakovic is too strong and makes the tag. Lee runs over both men and hits corner avalanches and forearms. He throws Roddy into Kyle. Lee gets stopped when Roddy chop blocks him on the apron. Kyle then leaps off the apron with a knee strike. Inside, Strong misses a diving headbutt and Kyle jumps into one from Lee. A staggering Lee makes the tag to Dijakovic. Kyle counters a chokeslam into a triangle. Dijakovic powers back up, even with Roddy helping and delivers a powerbomb to Kyle and a chokeslam on Roddy for two. Kyle rolls up Dijakovic as he tries Feast Your Eyes and gets two. Lee clotheslines Strong outside and wants to powerbomb Kyle but is chop blocked. Dijakovic with a one legged springboard somersault that takes out both men. Adam Cole arrives only to get launched into the second row by a Keith Lee Pounce. Dijakovic is wowed by it and it allows for a High/Low that helps UE retain.

Winners: The Undisputed Era in 20:18 [***1/2]

A recap airs of Dakota Kai’s attack on Tegan Nox at TakeOver. Tegan tweeted that she’s hurt physically but the emotional pain is worse. She needs time to heal.

Cathy Kelley interviews Candice LeRae about the Dakota situation. She says Dakota is all she has heard about since TakeOver. As a friend to both Tegan and Dakota, she’s appalled at Dakota and can’t believe what she did. Tonight, Dakota isn’t facing her friend Candice. She’s facing Tegan’s pissed off big sister.

A recap is shown of Angel Garza disrobing in front of Lio Rush’s family two weeks ago. At TakeOver, Lio attacked Garza after his match as revenge. Lio defends the title against Akira Tozawa tonight.

Mansoor vs. Shane Thorne

Quick start from Mansoor who is too fast for Thone. He gets two on a flash pin and another near fall on a standing moonsault. Thorne is sent outside and catches a Mansoor tope suicida into a backdrop suplex. It gets him two inside. Thorne remains in control until he runs into an enziguri. This time, Mansoor connects on an elbow suicida. He adds a slingshot neckbreaker to win.

Winner: Mansoor in 3:01 [**]

Candice LeRae vs. Dakota Kai

Dakota carries Tegan Nox’s knee brace to the ring. She has new theme music. Candice scolds her to start and catches a slap. She ducks a kick, trips Dakota and hits a sliding dropkick. She adds a Codebreaker but Dakota rolls outside to avoid the quebrada. Candice connects on a wild tope suicida before a step up senton on the inside. Dakota gets an opening and drags Candice’s body into the ring post before slamming her face on the apron. She adds a draping big boot. She does it again on the other side of the ring before a commercial. Returning, Dakota misses a corner kick and Candice starts kicking at her bad leg. She wants a rana but has it countered into a powerbomb. They fight to the apron where Candice hits a terrifying looking German suplex. Inside, Candice lights her up with strikes and chops. Dakota succeeds on the running boot. Her second is cut off by an enziguri. They battle up top where Dakota blocks a sunset flip bomb. She goes to use the knee brace as a weapon but  Candice avoids it and hits ths powerbomb for two. Dakota avoids the quebrada and gets two on some big offense. They trade close calls and the Gargano Escape gets applied. Dakota gets free and heads outside. Candice follows but runs into the knee brace, leading to a DQ.

Winner via disqualification: Candice LeRae in 12:30 [***1/2]

Dakota continues the assault, throwing Candice into the steel steps. The referee stops her from using the brace as a weapon. Dakota gets a steel chair but Rhea Ripley runs out and kicks it out of her hand. Dakota heads for the hills as Rhea checks on Candice.

Cathy Kelley interviews Ciampa about the match with Balor. He puts over Balor’s success in NXT but says it was him who made NXT the “A” show and him how made Goldie into the top title.

A Cameron Grimes vignette runs. He talks in the woods about how this was where he always wanted to be. He brags about having the quickest win in NXT history and how he’s going to cave in the competition in NXT.

A video package airs to recap the incredible week Rhea Ripley had. She did pin Charlotte Flair, Shayna Baszler, and Sasha Banks on three consecutive nights.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Lio Rush [c] vs. Akira Tozawa

Fast paced stuff at the start with both men showing their speed until we get a stalemate. As they go to the apron, Lio wants a German off the apron but it gets blocked. So does his sunset flip attempt and Tozawa drops a senton on him. Commercial break. Returning, Lio escapes a submission but is taken out with a running kick. Outside, Tozawa adds a somersault off the apron. Back inside and it’s time for most exchanges that are too quick to write out. Rush blocks a German and they fall back to the apron. He fights off the German again but gets kicked in the head. Tozawa then delivers a snap German off the apron and to the floor! They both beat the count back in. Lio fights back with a series of strikes. His bottom rope rebound leads him right into a snap German. Tozawa adds a deadlift German for two. Rush gets his knees up on the senton attempt. Rush hits the Final Hour on Tozawa’s back. He goes up again and nails a second to retain.

Winner: Lio Rush in 13:04 [***1/2]

Cathy Kelley speaks with Finn Balor about the main event. Balor says that tonight, Ciampa meets the prince and goes the same way that he’ll join Riddle and Gargano.

We look at the praise given to Adam Cole vs. Pete Dunne at Survivor Series.

Vanessa Borne vs. Xia Li

This is Borne’s attempt at revenge for Xia Lie injuring Aliyah. Borne wails on her in the corner. She misses a charge and hits the post. Xia rolls her up into a powerbomb. Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke, and Marina Shafir stroll out. Li kicks Borne and wins.

Winner: Xia Li in 1:09 [NR]

Shayna and her friends watch before the cronies are sent in. Xia knocks Shafir off the apron. She brawls with Duke and the numbers become too much for Xia. Shayna enters but gets lit up with strikes. A spin kick sends Shayna down. Xia eats a clothesline from Shayna that stops her. She adds knees to Xia and then gets a microphone. She says nobody had a weekend like her because she beat Becky Lynch and Bayley at the same time. “Rhea Ripley” chants. Shayna brags about her reign being over a year long. THIS IS MY BRUTALITY! Rhea Ripley walks down to the ring despite being down 3-1. Shayna and her friends slide out of the ring to avoid the confrontation. Rhea calls her back in the ring to talk face to face. Shayna obliges, hopping on the apron alone. They come face to face and Rhea congratulates her on winning at Survivor Series. But she beat Shayna in War Games. She’ll do it again and it’ll be for the Women’s Title. Shayna enters the ring, saying she has heard this kind of talk often. Rhea may be the nightmare but she’s the reality. She’ll make Rhea tap or nap like everyone else. Rhea dares her to do it right now, stopping Shayna before she leaves. Shayna declines the offer.

Recap time for the Dunne/Priest/Dain match at TakeOver. Priest has cracked ribs from the action. Still, he faces Dain next week.

Finn Balor vs. Tommaso Ciampa

Neither man is willing to give a clean break in the corner. Ciampa gets the first near fall after a suplex but his sunset flip leads to Balor scoring with a dropkick. Balor slows it down with a chinlock. Ciampa catches an apron boot and wants the Air Raid Crash. Balor fights out but still takes a slingshot into the post. Ciampa pats himself on the back heading into commercial. Through the break nobody took a true upper hand. Ciampa knocks Finn to the outside with a running knee and adds another inside. Balor turns the tide and takes Ciampa outside. He wants 1916 on the outside but Ciampa counters with Air Raid Crash out there. Balor beats the countout but nearly loses to Project Ciampa once inside. Ciampa is frustrated. Finns trips Ciampa up to stop the Fairytale Ending and hits a double stomp. Dropkick in the corner. Finn goes up where Ciampa greets him with an avalanche Air Raid Crash for two. As he sets up for the Fairytale Ending, Adam Cole runs out. Ciampa knocks him outside and gets rolled up for two. Balor goes to use Cole’s title as a weapon but is stopped. Ciampa’s rollup gets two. Finn with a modified 1916 on the title by mistake and that gets two. Cole nails Ciampa with a leaping kick behind the referee’s back. 1916 finishes it.

Winner: Finn Balor in 11:32 [***]

Adam Cole stands next to Finn Balor inside and does the UE taunt. Finn points the finger guns at Ciampa. Cole pats Balor on the back and is thanks by a Pele kick to end the show.

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
Another good episode of NXT. It wasn't on the level of their best stuff since the USA move but everything was entertaining and served a purpose. I'm excited about what comes next with the NXT Title. The Tag and CW Title matches were very good. Dakota Kai/Candice was good. We got Keith Lee destroying Adam Cole. And Rhea Ripley continues to feel like a star.

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