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Kevin’s WWE NXT Report 11.18.20

November 18, 2020 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
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Kevin’s WWE NXT Report 11.18.20  

NXT North American Championship: Leon Ruff [c] vs. Johnny Gargano

Gargano interrupts a video recap of last week. He talks trash, calls Ruff a joke, and gets in a cheap shot before the bell. He starts aggressively but Ruff finds ways to get in some comebacks, including a roll through into a kip up kick and a springboard rana. It sends Johnny packing and Ruff follows with a springboard somersault that barely grazes Johnny. Johnny rallies with a Lawn Dart but then Damian Priest shows up on the stage. That allows Ruff to get two on a rollup but he misses a swanton bomb. Superkick by Johnny and a powerbomb. He delivers One Final Beat and Ruff sells the hell out of it. Johnny covers but Priest pull Ruff outside. He says sorry and then clocks Ruff, resulting in a DQ.

Winner via DQ: Leon Ruff in 4:49 [This was fun while it lasted and continued the story well enough. **1/2]

Priest helps Ruff up and laughs at Johnny.

Backstage, Cameron Grimes cuts a promo saying he’s afraid of no man and he proved that Dexter Lumis was just a man.

Blindfold Match: Cameron Grimes vs. Dexter Lumis

The idea is that Lumis isn’t as scary if Grimes can’t see his eyes. Grimes shouts a complaint that he couldn’t see if he put the mask on. He jumps at the air to start and has no idea where he’s at while Lumis stands still. Grimes tries to get the crowd to tell him where Lumis is but that doesn’t work. He bumps into the referee and thinks it’s Lumis so he attacks. He takes off his mask and realizes it, deciding to sneak up on Lumis. Lumis easily avoids the Cave In and they trade shots. The blindfold comes off of Lumis and Grimes is scared again. They brawl to the outside and Grimes hops over the railing and bails.

No Contest in 4:27ish [Not all that much here but Grimes made it fun. **]

William Regal talks to Damian Priest backstage about his actions. Leon Ruff comes up, frustrated that Priest thinks he’s a joke. If he can’t defend it, he doesn’t deserve it. Priest apologizes and Ruff slaps him, saying he’s not a joke. Regal says it serves him right.

TakeOver: War Games is coming on 12/6! It is centered on Shotzi Blackheart addressing Candice, meaning we might get another women’s one.

Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell vs. Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter

Indi starts with Kayden. The faces uses quick tandem offense capped by a Kacy senton to score a near fall. Kacy takes Indi over with an impressive handstand rana and Candice gets the tag. She avoids another athletic move and hits a stomachbreaker for two. Candice and Indi tag in and out to keep Kacy grounded. Candice misses a senton and Kacy makes the hot tag. Carter with clotheslines and a superkick for Indi. She hits a version of Sister Abigail and a dropkick before Kaxy takes out Indi with a dive. Superkick gets Carter two on Candice. Candice comes back with Wicked Stepsister to win.

Winners: Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell in 4:31 [I continue to adore Kayden and Kacy. Quality little tag here. **1/2]

A short Arturo Ruas vignette airs.

Arturo Ruas vs. KUSHIDA

This is hard hitting from the start. Ruas brings the aggression and targets KUSHIDA’s arm, giving him a taste of his own medicine. KUSHIDA comes back with a dropkick to the knee and soccer kick to the arm. Another kick to the head, hip toss, cartwheel, and dropkick gets two. When his normal submission antics get it down, KUSHIDA uses a very unique pinning combination to score a flash win.

Winner: KUSHIDA in 4:27 [That was a really fun little sprint. I wish it got more time or we at least get a rematch. **3/4]

Ember Moon and Toni Storm are interviewed backstage. Ember puts over Dakota Kai as a performer but says everyone is sick of her needing Raquel Gonzalez. Toni says they have a common interest in being taken down by the numbers game. Basically, they’re partners tonight but when it comes to the NXT Women’s Title, all bets are off.

Various wrestlers and backstage guys pick between Io Shirai and Rhea Ripley. It’s about even.

Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez vs. Ember Moon and Toni Storm

Quick start with fire from almost everyone. Toni and Dakota go at it and when Moon gets tagged, she takes out Kai with a clothesline and Raquel with a dropkick. They both clothesline Raquel over the top heading into break. During that time, Toni ends up as the face in peril thanks to Raquel’s power and Dakota’s cunningness. Ember gets the hot tag and hits everything moving. Senton on Raquel and a superkick added. She’s fired up. Leaping Codebreaker gets two as Kai breaks things up. A short distraction puts Ember in trouble as she becomes the new face in peril. Raquel tosses her around but Ember keeps kicking out. Raquel launches her to prevent a tag and it’s great. Ember kips up into a rana on Kai to make the tag. Storm runs over Kai and hits a German suplex. Kai tries to fight off three but still takes them. Hip attack in the corner and a fisherman suplex sees the pin broken up. Headbutt by Toni on Raquel. Ember follows with a tilt-a-whirl DDT. Kai superkicks Ember and then does a double clothesline spot with Toni. Kai hits a corner boot but runs into one by Toni. Toni hits a shoulder thrust on the apron and Raquel sends her into the ring post. Ember tackles Raquel into the announce table. Toni pulls Kai into an inside cradle to score the win.

Winners: Ember Moon and Toni Storm in 12:07 [NXT’s women’s division is ridiculously deep. This was a very good tag where the formula worked and everyone played their roles well. ***1/4]

Post-match, Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell attack the faces. They send the ladies inside and Raquel finishes them off with her one-armed powerbomb.

Pat McAfee and his boys arrive. Pat says they’re interested in hearing what Finn Balor has to say.

August Grey vs. Timothy Thatcher

Grey charges but Thatcher throws his jacket at him. Still, Grey fires off shots to get the upper hand and sends Thatcher reeling. Thatcher comes back with a belly to belly suplex. From there, Thatcher has control and wears down Grey with his typical offense. He mixes in vicious strikes and uppercuts with the submission stuff. Grey starts a short rally but a springboard move fails and Thatcher hits a butterfly suplex. Thatcher wins via submission with a guillotine.

Winner: Timothy Thatcher in 4:28 [A squash. NR]

Thatcher shouts to Grey to not pick fights with people he can’t beat. As he goes to add to the assault, Tommaso Ciampa slowly walks out. They come face to face and Thatcher says he has no problem with Ciampa before baking out.

During the break, Ciampa was interviewed about why he came out. He says he simply wants to fight Thatcher.

Damian Priest comes out for a match but gets jumped by Johnny Gargano. The two trade shots in the ring before going outside where Priest gets a chair. Leon Ruff hits the ring and dropkicks Priest off the apron. He then superkicks Gargano and gets left standing face to face with Priest. He backs away and avoids a big boot before dropkicking Gargano into Priest. Ruff sends Gargano outside onto Priest and poses with the gold. When they get up and stare him down, he realizes he messed up and bails away from them.

LAST NIGHT ~ William Regal visits Boa at home since he hasn’t come to the PC in a week. Boa has black eyes and is scared saying he can’t train. He says “She’s coming.” Regal thinks it’s Xia and says she hasn’t reported in two weeks. Boa says Xia is hiding because she’s coming.

During the break, William Regal questions what Leon Ruff did. He says he’s not a joke and to prove it, he’ll face both of them.

NXT Women’s Championship: Io Shirai [c] vs. Rhea Ripley

Rhea overpowers Io and slaps at her head, so Io uses her quickness and does the same thing back. Io dropkicks her down and fires off shots in the corner. Io slips in the corner and Rhea covers for it pretty well. Io dropkicks her to the outside but her dive is cut off by a right hand. Rhea with an electric chair drop onto the apron heading into break. Returning, Rhea is in the driver’s seat by using her power to wear down the champion. Finn Balor arrives at the building. Io rallies and hits a German suplex, before adding a charging back elbow in the corner. Rhea blocks her next move but Io lands on her feet on a back body drop and pulls Rhea into a double stomp. Dropkick follows for two. Rhea’s ear is bleeding from a shot by Io. The champion locks in a crossface that Rhea counters into a pin for two. Big boot connects by Rhea. However, Rhea’s arm is damaged as Io dropkicks it. She drops it over the top rope to add to the punishment and then slams it on the apron a few times. Io sends Rhea arm first into the steel steps going into another commercial. They continue to go at it during the break and battle over a superplex. The two trade right hands in the middle of the ring when the commercial ends and then Rhea fires off knee strikes and a dropkick for two. Rhea applies the hanging cloverleaf and spins Io around into a slam. She keeps hold but Io fights out. Io counters the Riptide into an armbar. Rhea clasps her hands to block. She turns it over and powers Io up into a powerbomb but Io rolls through and keeps the submission in. Rhea’s feet land on the ropes, forcing a break. Io with the Tiger Feint Kick and hits the springboard missile dropkick for two. Io misses the moonsault and is turned inside out by Rhea for a near fall. Riptide countered into a DDT. Io wants a susnet flip bomb but Rhea holds on. Io powers through and powerbomb her through the announce table. Both women beat the count inside. Io was in first and she hits a moonsault as soon as Rhea slides in, scoring the win.

Winner: Io Shirai in 22:06 [What a main event. The two top stars in the best women’s division put on a show and were given plenty of time to do it. The finish protected Rhea without feeling like a copout. Both women looked awesome here. ****1/4]

After the match, Rhea and Io hug out of respect outside.

Finn Balor immediately enters the ring from the crowd as Io celebrates. He congratulates her before getting down to business. Heis quickly cut off by Pat McAfee, who calls him the Princess. Pat says a lot has happened since he got hurt and they run NXT now. Pat talks about how they took out Killian Dain, Drake Maverick, Breezango, and Undisputed Era. As he talks, his buddies surround the ring. They want him to hand over the title or he’ll end up like the others. Finn says the mice can play when the cat’s away but the cat is back and he dragged something in with him. The Undisputed Era theme hits as they walk out for a fight. They hit the ring and immediately brawl with Pat, Burch, Lorcan, and Dunne. Balor watches from ringside as Cole lays out Pat with a pump kick. The brawl closes the show.

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
A fantastic episode this week. You get a big closing angle, a fair amount of angle advancement, some quality matches, and a banger of a main event. A hell of a way to spend two hours.

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