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Kevin’s WWE NXT Review 2.05.20

February 5, 2020 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
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Kevin’s WWE NXT Review 2.05.20  

Time for our weekly video package recapping the previous episode.

The Broserweights come out to start the show. They drive into the arena in a custom golf cart. Riddle says they’ve been celebrating all week and he calls the cart the Broserweight mobile. Pete Dunne says he never expected to be in a team with Riddle but look at them now. They get interrupted by Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish. Kyle calls them Matthew Rid-del and Pete Dune. They don’t acknowledge them as a real team. Kyle wants to fight now but Roderick Strong runs out and changes their mind. They have bigger fish to fry. All Riddle cares about is that Bobby Fish said the word fish. He asks Pete, “How much fish could Bobby Fish fry if Bobby Fish could fry fish?” Riddle gets the crowd to chant that sentence along with him. Dunne says all that matters is that they’re gonna smoke the Undisputed Era at TakeOver.

TONIGHT ~ Charlotte Flair is here! Plus, an interview with Johnny Gargano and Finn Balor.

Angel Garza vs. Isaiah Scott

It’s Raw Superstar Angel Garza. High impact start and Scott busts out a springboard rana off the top before avoiding a dive counter and superkicking Garza to the outside. He tries a somersault to the outside but eats a superkick heading into the break. Commentary talks a lot about what Garza did to Rey Mysterio on Raw. Returning, Scott gets hit with a spinning faecbuster and Garza rips off the pants. Scott retaliates with a Flatliner for two. Their next exchange sees Garza stop his slingshot offense with a loud superkick. Scott gets two on an inverted powerbomb. They fight to the top with Garza hitting a roundhouse. He backflips to the mat and Scott leaps, only for Garza to throw his pants at him. It’s a weak distraction as Scott just kicks him in the head while he begs off, but that’s just a near fall. Garza finds an opening and wins with the Wing Clipper.

Winner: Angel Garza in 10:37 [***1/2]

After the match, Garza gets a microphone. He says he beat Scott, took out his cousin Humbert Carrillo, and took out Mysterio. Since he didn’t lose his Cruiserweight Title, he wants it back. He will be watching Jordan Devlin tonight.

Backstage, the Undisputed Era bully random workers while searching for Tommaso Ciampa. Some young guy is getting a haircut and Strong shaves it all messed up.

A Mercedes Martinez vignette airs. She has been in the business for 19 years. The Latina Sensation is here!

Sgt. Slaughter is randomly in attendance in the front row.

Dominik Dijakovic vs. Killian Dain

This stems from a Performance Center encounter earlier today. Dain attacks right at the bell. We go to commercial about a minute in. Returning, Dain is holding serve until Dijakovic impresses by launching him across the ring with a suplex. Chokeslam Bomb gets two. Dain comes back with a super Fisherman Buster. Dijakovic fights off his next bits of offense before hitting an impressive Feast Your Eyes to win.

Winner: Dominik Dijakovic in 8:14 [**1/2]

Commentary announces that Dijakovic has earned a shot at Keith Lee’s North American Title at TakeOver. Lee comes out and has a staredown with Dijakovic on the stage.

Backstage, the Undisputed Era ask Kushida if he knows where Ciampa is. They get annoyed he doesn’t answer quickly and shove him. He attacks and Cole slams him through a crate. Bronson Reed shows up and they want no issue but Strong sneaks in a jumping knee to silence him.

Mauro conducts an interview with Gargano and Balor, who are on a split screen. Balor brings up how he hurt Gargano back at the end of last year. Gargano says he’s counted down the days for three months. Balor says he’s wanted it for four years because Johnny TakeOver is not worth the hype. He’s not the next Balor. Johnny says he’s the first Gargano and the first triple crown winner. Balor doesn’t care if this is MOTY or not. Gargano says he sees the right Balor in his eyes. That’s NXT Balor, not the guy who lost 17 times in a row to Bobby Lashley on Raw. Balor says that Finn is dead and this will be Johnny’s last match of his life. Johnny will drive the NXT flag FInn left behind through his heart. Finn says he has no heart.

Kacy Catanzaro vs. Mercedes Martinez

Martinez shows off strength with hard strikes. However, she holds too long on a stalling vertical and Kacy slips free. She brings her quick offense, including a sweet rana that gets her a near fall. Martinez uses a strike to cut off a springboard attempt and she smiles. Martinez throws some shots outside nad wins with a Fisherman Buster inside.

Winner: Mercedes Martinez in 2:59 [NR]

In the back, Cathy Kelley asks Rhea Ripley about the Charlotte Flair challenge. Rhea says her focus tonight is on the face with Bianca Belair but it’s nice of the Queen to show up.

Backstage, the Undisputed Era still look for Ciampa. he sneaks up behind them and takes one member out. The rest attack and he manages to get it down to just Cole. They brawl to the arena. Ciampa slams his head on the announce table a bunch of times. Before he can do further damage, the rest of the Era show up and beat him down. They get him in the ring but then here’s the Broserweights to help. Security breaks things up and out comes William Regal. He announces a match between these teams tonight. No word if its 3 on 3 or if the faces need a partner. They continue to fight through the crowd again until security finally gets control.

Jordan Devlin vs. Tyler Breeze

Devlin attacks Breeze during his entrance. Commercial before this starts. Returning, the match is already underway. Devlin is in control. Breeze gets in a shot to the face that swings the momentum for a bit but Devlin is right back on him. Breeze targets the leg and wraps it around the ring post a few times. An announcement is made that the main event will be a six man tag. Breeze fires off some hard strikes and a dropkick. Devlin comes back with an apron PK and a moonsault to the outside. Uranage and a standing moonsault from Devlin inside after they both beat the count. Commercial time. Devlin steps on Breeze’s face when the match returns. Breeze rallies and runs him over for two. Devlin goes up for a cross body but Breeze rolls through for two. He takes a Spanish Fly for two. Breeze traps him in a single leg crab paying homage to Lance Storm. Devlin counters into a small package but then eats a Supermodel Kick for two. Devlni with a slingshot cutter that only gets two, frustrating the champion. Devlin hits a big shot and the Devlin Slide to put him away.

Winner: Jordan Devlin in 15:30 [***1/2]

Charlotte Flair arrives at the arena.

It’s time for the face to face between Bianca Belair and Rhea Ripley. Bianca is out first, saying that Rhea must’ve forgotten that she’s facing her in Portland because she’s busy going to Raw. Bianca says she doesn’t care about any Queen and she wants Rhea now. Instead, out comes Charlotte. Huge reaction for her. Charlotte says she respects her and puts her over as an amazing athlete but says she’s not Charlotte. She’s happy they’re talking about her but points out that Rhea overlooked her. Rhea interrupts to join the fray. Bianca steps in front of Charlotte to confront Rhea. Charlotte puts her hand in her face to get in her way and Bianca laughs at the audacity. Rhea says she’s all about dropping the Queen at Mania. “Rhea’s gonna kill you” chants. Bianca interrupts to tell Charlotte that she don’t even go here. Meanwhile, Rhea is wrong to think she’s gonna run through Bianca at TakeOver. Bianca says it’ll be her and Charlotte at Mania, and she can’t whoop her. Charlotte says it’s a conversation for champions, so Bianca should stand to the side and fix her braid. Rhea says she didn’t disrespect Charlotte on Raw so she can’t come here and disrespect them. Rhea says her and Bianca will tear each other apart at TakeOver but “We are NXT.” Bianca hits Charlotte and they combine to drop her with an electric chair drop style facebuster. Bianca and Rhea then have a faceoff over the title.

During the entrance of the Undisputed Era, the babyfaces arrive and attack. That sparks a brawl around the ringside area.

The Broserweights and Tommaso Ciampa vs. The Undisputed Era

It takes a bit but they finally get in the ring and start. Ciampa battles O’Reilly to start. It’s intense. Riddle gets involved as well before Cole goes at it with Dunne. Cole distracts the referee while Roderick Strong arrives to hit a backbreaker on the apron on Dunne. That makes Dunne the face in peril for a time. He dropkicks Kyle in the knee and hits an enziguri. That sets up the tag to Riddle, who comes in hot. That causes the Era to regroup heading into the break. Riddle ends up in trouble during that time, with the numbers game becoming too much for him. They wear him down with various submissions. Riddle gets out of a guillotine and has a ripcord knee counters. German by Kyle but Riddle is up with one of his own. He puts him down with a PK. More distractions allow UE to take the other babyfaces off of the apron. Dunne gets up following stereo kicks and gets the tag. He works on Cole with a German suple. Explex on Kyle that lands on Cole gets two. Dunne rolls away from trouble and tags in Ciampa who runs over the Tag Champions. Snap bell yto belly on Kyle followed by a knee strike. Strong tries to interfere but Ciampa plants him with a DDT. He avoids Ax and Smash and delivers Project Ciampa. Fish makes the save but Riddle Spears him. In a great moment, Ciampa allows O’Reilly to make the tag to Cole. The two trade shots but everyone else gets involved. Kyle’s Rebound Lariat just leads him to taking the Broserweight finisher. Cole hits both with superkicks but Ciampa catches a third. Strong takes him out with a knee before he can hit the Fairytale Ending.

Winners via DQ: The Broserweights and Tommaso Ciampa in 13:38 [***1/4]

The Undisputed Era beat on the winners with their 4-on-3 advantage. Pete Dunne is hit with Chasing the Dragon outside. Riddle is taken out. Ciampa gets hit with End of Heartache inside. Cole gets a spray can and paints an “X” on Ciampa’s back as a callback to what Ciampa did to the table before signing the contract. Cole calls Ciampa a joke and says his story with the NXT Title is over. He removes the kneepad but the lights go out. The 2/5/20 video gimmick appears and it turns into Velveteen Dream’s face. He appears on the top rope and leaps off, taking out everyone. Dream throws rights and lefts at the Undisputed Era. Superkicks and Dream Valley Drivers. Dream gyrates in Strong’s face before attacking again and posing for the crowd.

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
Once again, an easy as hell episode to watch. There were three very good matches, a good match set up for TakeOver, a Martinez squash, and some really good segments. Plus, that ending was really well done.

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