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Kevin’s WWE NXT Review 2.19.20

February 19, 2020 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
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Kevin’s WWE NXT Review 2.19.20  

VIDEO PACKAGE ~ TakeOver: Portland highlights air.

The Undisputed Era open the show. Kyle O’Reilly is sad that he no longer has a title to air guitar on. Adam Cole says that he beat Tommaso Ciampa because obsession will never beat destiny. He’s the greatest NXT Champion of all time. They are still the measuring stick of NXT and Roderick Strong will prove it again tonight against Velveteen Dream. Before Strong can speak, Dream’s voice is heard over the speakers. He tells Roddy to leave the boys behind and prove he’s a man tonight. Do it for Marina. Roddy promises to make him wish he had never returned.

NXT Cruiserweight Championship: Jordan Devlin [c] vs. Lio Rush

Their first exchange sees Devlin take a powder before an early commercial break. Returning, Devlin picks up a near fall. He has his momentum stopped when Lio gets his knees up on a moonsault. Devlin comes back with a half nelson suplex for two. Devlin remains in control with his power advantage and starts to wear down Rush. He gets cocky, disrespectfully kicking away at Lio. He blocks the Come Up with a modified backbreaker to keep Lio in trouble. Time for another break. We return to the two men colliding in the middle of the ring. Lio meets Devlin outside with a tope suicida. Devlin answers with a PK off the apron and a moonsault. He misses but Lio doesn’t with a springboard corkscrew outside. Back inside, Devlin hits Spanish Fly but Lio catches his pin attempt into a Koji Clutch. Lio lets go and climbs up but is cut off. Lio scores with an avalanche poison rana and the Come Up but Devlin gets his foot on the bottom rope. Up goes Lio but he misses the Final Hour. Devlin nails a headbutt and holds Lio’s hand before pulling him into the Devlin Slide to retain.

Winner: Jordan Devlin in 18:35 [***3/4]

Backstage, Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez are interviewed about their alliance. Raquel says she understands what Dakota went through. Tegan got all the opportunities and pushed her aside, which is what Raquel saw happen to her at the Performance Center. William Regal arrives to tell Dakota that she’ll be facing Tegan Nox in a Steel Cage in two weeks.

Tommaso Ciampa arrives at the arena.

At TakeOver, Cathy Kelley interviewed Rhea Ripley about Charlotte accepting her challenge. Rhea says she got what she wanted and claimed that even queens can get nightmares.

Austin Theory comes out for a match but Tommaso Ciampa walks out to interrupt. He goes to speak and Theory comes up to him. Ciampa warns him not to try it tonight, so he backs off. He says he got too focused on Goldie and missed the signs leading to what Johnny Gargano did. Theory grabs him and gets laid out. Ciampa says that to get his life back, there can be no Gargano in NXT. Ciampa continues the beating on Theory, throwing him into the guardrail about ten times in a row.

Chelsea Green has a photoshoot going on backstage.

A Finn Balor vignette runs. He says every hyped opponent has fallen to him and to watch what he does next week.

Grizzled Young Veterans vs. Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendzoa

Gibson starts with Wilde. The veteran duo makes quick tags and work together to take the early upper hand. Wilde can’t make the tag because they keep him cut off. He finally gets an opening with a moonsault on Drake. Dual tags and Mendoza unloads on both opponents. Clotheslines and dropkicks all around.Mendzoa lands on his feet on a German and springboards in with a dropkick. Gibson stops him with a throat thrust and back suplex. Drake gets tagged, hops off Mendoza and dropkicks Wilde off the apron. Gibson tags in and they hit Ticket to Mayhem to win.

Winners: Grizzled Young Veterans in 4:36 [**1/2]

Zack Gibson gets on the microphone. He runs down the people and says they are here to take over NXT.

New Tag Team Champions the Broserweights come out and celebrate through the crowd. Well, Matt hugs people and dances but Pete Dunne just raises the title and gives out a few fist bumps. They get microphones in the ring. Matt asks where the golf cart is and Pete reminds him that it got impounded because of him. Matt says they both partied hard but their Dusty Cup partied too hard. It failed the Wellness Test and is suspended.

The Broserweights vs. Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan

Non-title action. Quality opening exchange on the mat between Dunne and Burch. That goes to a stalemate, so tags to Matt and Oney. Dunne and Riddle work together to send their opponents packing heading into break. Returning, Oney traps Matt in a half crab that he transitions into an STF. The Broserweights take control again but Oney manages to break up a pin and save them. He sends Dunne outside but takes a Ripcord Knee from Matt. Burch hits a German and a lariat to stop a rallying Riddle. He turns a kick out into a crossface. Dunne lands on his feet on a German, kicks oNey in the head, and breaks the submission with another kick. Matt and Burch go at it with Matt hitting a powerbomb but taking a right hand. Dunne gets tagged and kicks Burch into an Oney tag. He trades big shots with Dunne and hits the running Blockbuster. Dunne snaps his fingers, tags Riddle, and they use a tandem knee strike move to win.

Winners: The Broserweights in 11:03 [***1/4]

Backstage, Roddy tells the Undisputed Era that he needs to do this alone tonight.

On Twitter, the Forgotten Sons are upset about the Grizzled Young Vets wanting to take over NXT and their reference to neckbeards. They will beat their ideals into them.

North American Champion Keith Lee is out. He goes to speak but is immediately interrupted by Kona Reeves, who comes out with a scowl. Before he can speak, Lee runs through him with a Pounce.

Keith Lee vs. Kona Reeves

Big Bang Catastrophe. That’s it.

Winner: Keith Lee in 0:11 [NR]

Dominik Dijakovic enters the ring. He’s not ready to move on yet. He makes several excuses for the loss and Lee calls him on it. However, Lee knows the fans want them to fight forever. Lee won on Sunday and is still willing to do it again.

Chelsea Green vs. Kayden Carter

Robert Stone gives Chelsea Green a personal introduction. Carter nearly rolls her up for a win again. Green disrespects her so Carter gets going with a superkick for two. Green turns the tide with aggression and works a camel clutch. Green stands on Carter’s hair at one point. However, Bianca Belair randomly enters the ring with a microphone. She says she’ll let them finish but she needs to address Charlotte Flair for putting her hands on her. She doesn’t care if it’s on NXT or anywhere else. She promises to whip that ass.” Green rolls up Carter three times for near falls. Superkick from Carter and Green scurries outside. Stone trips Carter and Green wins with the Unprettier.

Winner: Chelsea Green in 4:39 [*1/2]

NEXT WEEK ~ Austin Theory vs. Tommaso Ciampa! Finn Balor will be live!

IN TWO WEEKS ~ Dakota Kai vs. Tegan Nox in a Steel Cage!

Roderick Strong vs. Velveteen Dream

Dream waves and mouths, “Hi, Marina,” during his entrance. Dream steps outside to avoid an aggressive Roddy and plays mind games, mocking the UE hand symbol. Strong remains fiery but Dream keeps trying to slow things down. Strong uses a thumb to the eye to open the door for a barrage of strikes. They head into break with Strong in control but during it, Dream swings the momentum during some fighting outside. Returning, Strong wears down Dream with a chinlock. Dream fights his way back and they start going into bigger offense. Dream has a rally stalled by a forearm but he still nails a DDT. Deam gets shoved chest first onto the ring post. Still, he goes for the avalanche DVD, only for Strong to fight off and hit a backbreaker on the top for two. Dream survives the Strong Hold but he’s in serious trouble. He gets a breather by sending Strong outside. Inside, they trade blows and Dream stops a Roddy jumping knee with a superkick. Dream Valley Driver follows. Dream removes his pants to reveal tights with Marina’s face on the crotch and back. The Undisputed Era show up and Dream takes them out with a double axe handle. He springboards into a jumping knee for two. Dream Valley Driver gets the win for Dream.

Winner: Velveteen Dream in 15:38 [***1/4]

The Era immediately jump Dream and stand tall to close the show.

The final score: review Good
The 411
As usual, NXT delivers a good episode. It wasn't up to par with their best stuff for a few reasons. The opening segment was kind of pointless and some other ones came off as a bit odd. Lio/Devlin was great and the highlight of the show. It felt like a good episode to set things in motion going forward following TakeOver.

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