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Kevin’s WWE NXT Review 3.11.20

March 11, 2020 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
Broserweights WWE NXT 3-11-20
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Kevin’s WWE NXT Review 3.11.20  

Recap of last week starts us.

Tonight’s episode is from the Performance Center.

NXT North American Championship: Keith Lee [c] vs. Cameron Grimes

Lee’s size is instantly a problem for Grimes, causing him to take breathers and reconsider his strategy. Lee tosses him around and sends him outside but it opens the door for Grimes to fire off some kicks. Lee catches him like a baby and trips up his legs. Grimes’ hat goes flying when they fight in the corner. Grimes knocks him back and hits a flying cross body heading into break. During that time, Grimes wears Lee down. Returning, Lee fights back but takes a Superman Punch. Grimes keeps him fighting from behind with a series of kicks. An impressive German suplex gets Grimes two. Grimes gets another near fall but has the Cave In countered into a powerbomb attempt. Grimes fights out but takes a Pounce. Lee adds the Big Bang Catastrophe and that’s it.

Winner: Keith Lee in 12:00 [***]

Keith Lee has his celebration cut short when Damian Priest jumps him from behind with a nightstick like his name is the Big Boss Man. Dominik Dijakovic runs him off before more damage could be done.

Number One Contender’s Qualifying Match: Dakota Kai vs. Mia Yim

There’s history here since Dakota attacked her at War Games. Kai misses a dropkick and gets rolled up multiple times for two. Miz fires off shots but Mia hits harder. Mia takes out the leg and gets two on a dropkick. Kai misses a boot and gets her leg stuck on the middle rope, which Mia kicks at. As Kai gets the referee’s attention, Gonzalez catches Mia off the apron with a slam heading into commercial. Returning, Kai hits a running boot only to get tripped up. Rollins cannonball gets Mia a near fall. Dakota fights back and yells that she’s going to Takeover. She hits a slow Kai-Ropractor for two. Kai misses a big boot and gets lifted for a powerbomb. She holds the ropes to block but still gets hit. Gonzalez knocks Mia’s leg aside, breaking the count. Dakota rolls Mia up but the referee is arguing with Gonzalez so he misses it. Mia wins with a Codebreaker.

Winner: Mia Yim in 9:41 [***]

Gonzalez immediately attacks Mia after the bell. She adds a powerbomb to leave Mia lying.

Tommaso Ciampa arrives. When he’s asked about doing thing’s Johnny Gargano’s way, he says, “His way, huh?” and storms into the building.

We get another creepy vignette saying something about “tick tock.”

Kushida vs. Raul Mendoza


Surprisingly, they start by trading forearms. Then it goes into the more traditional fast-paced exchange. Raul wins out with a dropkick. He comes off the top right into a fastball punch that stops his momentum. He comes back with a quebrada for two. After some back and forth, the fight moves to the top. Kushida comes off with a flip leading into the Hoverboard Lock. Raul taps.

Winner: Kushida in 4:00 [**1/2]

Earlier today, Tyler Breeze was interviewed about the PC. He was interrupted by Austin Theory, who says he watched him on Breaking Ground when he was in high school. he also says some people from the PC don’t pan out, like Breeze. Breeze took a picture of him and said he looked good…for a flash in the pan.

Rhea Ripley comes to the ring for a promo. She says Charlotte needs a better game plan to get in her head. She will beat her royal ass at Mania. That brings out Charlotte Flair to interrupt. She shuts up some “you don’t go here” chants by saying she “made here.” Charlotte puts over Rhea but says it’s too much, too soon to be facing her. Charlotte is too much for her to handle. As Charlotte enters the ring and says she’ll drown her in deep waters, Rhea attacks. The two trade shots, with nobody gaining the upper hand. That is until Charlotte catches her with a big boot. Rhea kicks away from a Figure Four and Charlotte heads outside. She wraps Rhea’s leg around the ring post and locks in the ring post figure four.

A WALTER vignette airs. Finn Balor has his passport and may be coming to see him.

Moments ago, Mia Yim is being interviewed in the parking lot. A car speeds past them and Raul Mendoza. Two men in masks get out and kidnap him.

Number One Contender’s Qualifying Match: Deonna Purrazzo vs. Tegan Nox

Solid back and forth between them to start. Purrazzo takes control with corner stomps and a sweet T-Bone. Tegan with a running uppercut but has her Cannon-Boar blocked by knees. Purrazzo takes a kick out and goes into the Fujiwara Armbar on Tegan’s injured arm. She counters into a pin for two. Shiniest Wizard ends it.

Winner: Tegan Nox in 2:28 [NR]

The same vignette of random images runs again.

The whole Undisputed Era come out for the main event. Velveteen Dream interrupts and stands atop a platform looking over the ring. He says it has always been about Adam Cole. He doesn’t care about Roderick Strong or his family. They were just tights with faces on them. He’s not a vile person and never went after the family, Roddy is just dumb. Dream vs. Cole is the TakeOver: Tampa main event in his eyes. Cole says he lost last week and hasn’t earned a title shot. Next week, he hosts a celebration as he becomes the longest-reigning NXT Champion in history. They want to beat up Dream but he snaps his fingers and out come the champions.

NXT Tag Team Championship: The Broserweights [c] vs. The Undisputed Era

The Broserweights win the first exchange and send the challengers packing heading into a commercial break. Returning, the challengers take control and are isolating Matt Riddle. He gets in forearms to open the door for a comeback but is constantly cut off. Pete Dunne gets the hot tag and goes off. He gets help from Riddle on a dive to the outside. In the ring, Dunne faces off with Adam Cole. He pulls an Eddie Guerrero and fakes getting hit. An argument ensues and the referee ejects Cole and Strong from ringside heading into another commercial. We keep PIP action, showing us that the challengers have no isolated Dunne. Riddle enters after the break and fires off kicks and knee strikes. Dunne enters after a near fall and gets one of his own on a powerbomb on Kyle O’Reilly. According to live reports from Twitter, the crowd has become less enthused with the coronoavirus news coming out. Kyle with a knee strike off the apron on Dunne. That leaves Riddle alone to take Chasing the Dragon but it only gets two. Grizzled Young Vets come out and get on the apron. The Broserweights want to fight but the Undisputed Era attack. Zack Gibson hits Riddle in the throat and he gets rolled up for two. Dunne hits Drake with a forearm and Fish is back dropped over and out onto them. Dunne gets tagged and they hit tandem moves, including their finish, to win.

Winner: The Broserweights in 20:01 [***1/2]

NEXT WEEK ~ Adam Cole’s championship celebration! Mercedes Martinez vs. Candice LeRae in a qualifying match!

TOMORROW ~ Finn Balor will be on NXT UK.

Tommaso Ciampa makes his way out for the closing segment, which is supposed to be a Johnny Gargano promo. After a break, Ciampa says that he wants Johnny Gargano to come out and explain himself. Johnny appears on the tron from a room in the PC. He says that Ciampa is the worst man in NXT. Why is he redeemed? He did terrible things in 2017 and continued to do so ever since but he’s somehow the good guy. Ciampa exits the ring and finds where Johnny is talking. He attacks and beats on Johnny through the halls. As they hit the medical area, Ciampa whacks him with a crutch like the old days. Ciampa levels a security guard. The brawl moves into the workout room where Johnny turns the tide and mockingly calls him “daddy.” He says Ciampa is a liar. Johnny gets a 50 pound weight for a weapon but Ciampa hits him to stop it, then hits him in the ribs with the weight. He throws one and it breaks the mirror behind them. They move the battle into the arena. Ciampa runs a steel chair into Johnny with his knee and shouts that this is his house. They go up to the platform where Dream was earlier. Johnny slaps on the Gargano Escape up there. It leads to Johnny superkicking him and Ciampa dangles off the platform. Johnny tells the crowd that this is a teachable moment. However, Ciampa fires up and delivers the Air Raid Crash off of it and through the table below. William Regal and officials tend to them as the show ends.

The final score: review Average
The 411
A solid episode where nothing was bad but also nothing stood out. The main event was good but not a patch on the TakeOver outing. The other matches capped at being good and the main event segment, while cool, felt like it dragged at times.

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