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Kevin’s WWE NXT Review 3.13.19

March 13, 2019 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
Ricochet Aleister Black NXT 3-13-19

A video recap stars us, showing highlights from last week’s awesome Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic episode. Tonight, we get the semi-finals and a number one contender’s match between Bianca Belair and Io Shirai.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Semifinals: The Forgotten Sons w/ Jackson Ryker vs. Moustache Mountain

Bate starts against Blake. He works out of a wrist lock and slaps on one of his own. Bate shows off his strength and hits a suplex for one. Back to the wristlock. Blake turns it around and makes the tag. Cutler beats on Bate in the corner, tags out, and Blake gets two on a neckbreaker. Cobra Clutch is applied. Bate fights out and tags Seven, who lights up both opponents with a series of chops. He fakes Cutler out on a chop and instead nails a DDT. Blake kicks him but has a suplex countered into a modified Michinoku Driver for two. The Forgotten Sons take control and hit a leg drop on the apron for two. Seven’s leg is in pain as Blake wears him down. Seven survives a spinning toe hold but is blocked from tagging out. He misses an enziguri but elbows out of a waist lock. A double clothesline puts both men down. They make stereo tags. Bate runs over Blake and hits Cutler with a dropkick. Uppercut and airplane spin. Blake goes up top but is cut off. Bate puts him on top of Cutler and spins both on his shoulders. Standing SSP fails off the apron, but Bate hits an Exploder. he nips up and hits the standing SSP outside. Bate connects on the Spiral Tap but the pin is broken up. He throws Cutler outside and tags Seven. They hit the rebound lariat/dragon suplex combo but Jackson Ryker puts Blake’s foot on the bottom rope. Bate hits a dive over the top to take out both opponents. Seven tags out. They want the Burning Hammer combo but Bate is knocked to the outside where Ryker levels him. Seven goes to intervene but eats a knee. Inside, the Forgotten Sons hit the diving stomp/inverted DDT finisher.

Winners: The Forgotten Sons in 9:38 [**3/4]

Cathy Kelley interviews Matt Riddle about interrupting Velveteen Dream last week. Riddle says he was just saying hi. He is interrupted by Adam Cole, who calls him clueless for thinking he deserves a title shot. Cole claims the title will be his again soon. Riddle says he’s good, but they can continue this little “pow wow” in the ring. They come face to face but that’s it.

Number One Contender’s Match: Bianca Belair vs. Io Shirai

Shayna Baszler is on commentary. The winner faces her at TakeOver: New York. Belair piefaces Io twice. The crowd is split. Full nelson from Belair but Io slips out and talks some trash. Shoulder block by Bianca, who then flips over Io. Io avoids a dropkick and cartwheels to safety. She dropkicks Bianca to the outside and goes for a dive but Bianca moves away. Io puts on the brakes and wants a rana off the apron but Bianca catches her for a powerbomb. She alley oops her over onto the steel steps. That gets two inside. Stomps get the same result. Io slips free and gets two on a rollup. Bianca gets two on a standing moonsault. Io counters out of a Glam Slam type hold for a double stomp. Io adds more offense, including the Tiger Feint Kick. Spingboard dropkick and running double knees in the corner. Io goes up but Bianca crotches him and she falls into the treeof woe so Bianca whips her with the hair. Super rana from Io and she goes for the moonsault, but Bianca gets the knees up. Spear from Belair. Shayna gets up from the booth and pulls Io to the outside for a DQ.

Double Disqualification in 5:27 [**3/4]

Shayna enters nad chokes out Belair. Io Shirai hits the ring but also gets locked in the chocke. Sane gets taken out but Io gts back in and fights Shayna off. She sends her outside. When she goes back to check on Kairi, Shayna enters and puts her in another choke. Shayna stands tall over all three rivals.

Two weeks ago, Dominik Dijakovic and Keith Lee wrestled to a double countout. Last week, they brawled at the Performance Center. They meet next week.

Oustide, Cathy Kelley asks why Shayna Baszler attacked everyone. Shayna says it was to prove that none of them deserve a shot at her. Cathy then informs her that Shayna will defend her title against all three of them at TakeOver in a Fatal Four Way. That pisses Shayna off.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Semifinals: Aleister Black and Ricochet vs. #DIY

Official #DIY shirts for CIampa and Gargano. Ciampa and Black start off, with Black winning their first exchange and working a short armbar. Tag to Ricochet. I miss a bit but see that Gragno is legal when my feed fixes. Ricochet lands on his feet on a head scissors, then spins into one of his own. They both miss key strikes, Ricochet snaps off a headscissors and hits a droppkick. Ciampa shoves Gargano out of the way of a possible Ricochet dive, but Ricochet fakes it. he then hits Ciampa with a springboard dropkick. Black fakes out a dive and sits in the middle of the ring. Ricochet also sits to a nice hand from the crowd. #DIY turn it around and work some tandem offense on Ricochet. Wishbone attack. Gargano gets two on another bit of offense I missed before stomping on Ricochet’s left arm. Tag to Ciampa for a chinlock. He pevents Ricochet from tagging and boots him. Gargano adds an enziguri. Ricochet blocks his slingshot DDT and hits Ciampa, but eats a spinning lariat for two. Ricochet finally fights free with a neckbreaker that causes Ciampa to DDT Gargano. He crawls over and makes the hot tag to Black. Black hits a series of running strikes before sweeping Gargano. Kip up and quebrada that takes out both #DIY members for two. Black hits a kick in the corner. Gargano leaps over a sweep attempt and kicks him in the neck. Black hets a knee up on the slingshot spear. Brainbuster connects but Ciampa breaks up the pin. #DIY goes for Meeting in the Middle but Gargano is pulled outside while Black kicks Ciampa. Gargano takes out Ricochet outside. Black goes up but Ciampa stops him and hits the Tower of London on the apron. Gargano enters with the slingshot DDT on Black as Ciampa hits the rope hung DDT on Ricochet. Gargano only gets two. Gargano Escape applied on Black. Ciampa puts Ricochet in the armbar, mirroring how they won the titles in 2016.  Ricochet powers out and hits Ciampa with a DVD onto Gargano and Black to break the hold. Stupid feed. I miss another seemingly cool spot as all four men are down. Black is tagged in. Gargano’s knee is out so he can’t get on the apron to help Ciampa. Ciampa ducks a Black kick, has the Fairytale Ending countered and gets hit with Black Mass. Tag to Ricochet for the 630 and that’s all she wrote.

Winners: Aleister Black and Ricochet in 13:26 [***3/4]

Candice LeRae comes out to check on Johnny. Ciampa sits on the apron clutching the NXT Title. He gets off the apron and helps Candice carry Johnny up the ramp. As they reach the top, Johnny falls over. Ciampa looks upset. He picks him up and goes to throw him into the stage. Johnny blocks as if he his leg was never hurt. he throws Ciampa into the screen with a huge smile. Superkick by Johnny. He and a smiling Candice stand over Ciampa.

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