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Kevin’s WWE NXT Review 4.29.20

April 29, 2020 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
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Kevin’s WWE NXT Review 4.29.20  

EARLIER TODAY ~ Charlotte Flair arrives ahead of her match with Mia Yim.

Interim NXT Cruiserweight Championship Tournament: El Hijo del Fantasma [1-0] vs. Isaiah Scott [0-1]

Even playing field in their first exchanges. They’re at a stalemate in terms of speed. With Fantasma on the middle ropes, Scott snaps off a sweet super rana for two. They fight outside where Scott kicks him in the face, sending us to commercial. Returning, Swerve has him trapped in a submission to wear him down. Hijo fights back with knees and gets two on a frog splash. They start trading blows before Scott nails a dead lift German suplex. Scott misses a Fosbury Flop and Hijo hits his signature tope suicida to respond. My cable feed freezes up for the finish. I was able to hear it though. When they got back in the ring, Scott won  out with a sweet cradle pin to even his record.

Winner: Isaiah Scott [1-1) in 11:23 [***]

Post-match, Scott celebrates during an interview and puts over Hijo as a tough competitor. He will not be denied, though.

EARLIER TODAY ~ Dominik Dijakovic cut a promo about how Johnny Gargano complains about the establishment that put him in tons of straight TakeOver matches. He wants to ee if Johnny will back up his words when they meet next week.

DURING THE BREAK ~ Masked men tried to kidnap El Hijo del Fantasma again.

Candice LeRae vs. Kacy Catanzaro

New heel theme and entrance for Candice. Johnny gave her a long-winded introduction. Candice gives a clean break out of sheer confidence. The speed and athleticism of Kacy gives her an advantage until Candice nails a neck whip. Kacy comes back with a senton atomico for two. Candice slows the pace and hits a wheelbarrow slam. She goes to cockily apply the Gargano Escape and gets rolled up for two. Candice fires off strikes in the corner and wins with the Wicked Stepsister (Super Dragon Curb Stomp).

Winner: Candice LeRae in 4:02 [**]

Post-match, Candice put Kacy in the Gargano Escape.

Damian Priest cuts a promo in the back about his moment arriving. He says he’ll win the North American TItle tonight and everyone will bask in his glory.

Matt Riddle comes out with Timothy Thatcher. He carries both titles. Riddle says that he and Pete are a real team, not a makeshift duo. He and TIm are a team too. To prove it, they’re appearing on the NEWLY-BROS SHOW! Tim is confused but Matt is ecstatic. Byron Saxton hosts. There’s even inserted studio laughter. The first question is what Matt had for breakfast. Tim answers that he has no idea and Matt’s written answer is also that he has no idea. In terms fo Tim’s favorite TV show, he doesn’t have a TV. He’d get one if the price was right and Matt answered “The Price is Right.” Asked about Netflix and chilling, Tim says he doesn’t need Netflix to chill. Matt calls him a true stallion. When asked where’s the craziest place he’s ever “done it,” Tim thinks it’s wrestling. He says he had a Triple Threat in a laundromat. Matt’s answer is “threesome on a washer.” The speed round is cut off by an attack from Imperium. Tim fights them off better than Matt but eats a European Uppercut Doomsday Device and Imperium hold up the titles.

In the back, Adam Cole cuts a short promo. Next week, he defends the NXT Title against Velveteen Dream and promises to prove that the reality of him as the longest-reigning champion tops the dream.

Charlotte Flair vs. Mia Yim

Charlotte applies a headlock and says, “Come on Mia,” as if egging her on to do better. Mia tries to get going but Charlotte always has an answer, heading into commercial break. Returning, Charlotte arrogantly dumps Mia outside and stomps on her when she gets back in. Charlotte remains vicious until Mia catches her in the Tarantula. Charlotte regains control but is stopped by a Code Blue near fall. Mia fires off a bunch of kicks only to get caught in an elevated Boston Crab. Mia fights out and wants Protect Ya Neck but Charlotte avoids it and wins with the Figure Eight.

Winner: Charlotte Flair in 10:50 [***]

Charlotte’s celebration is cut short by the arrival of the top contender, Io Shirai. She shouts at Charlotte in Japanese before saying that Charlotte is hers next week!

Kacy Catanzaro is getting checked on backstage. Candice and Johnny come up and Candice says it’s a new NXT.

Finn Balor’s attack last week is recapped. He will call out his attacker next week.

Dexter Lumis vs. Shane Thorne

Lumis kind of no sells a shot and hits a Lou Thez Press. Lumis tosses him around with relative ease. Thorne back with a dropkick, leg lariat, and corner cannonball. Lumis then catches a charging Thorne with a spinebuster. Thorne passes out in the Anaconda Vice.

Winner: Dexter Lumis in 3:31 [NR]

After his loss last week, Drake Maverick was told by Jake Atlas that he believed in him.

Backstage, a pissed off Keith Lee cut a promo on Damian Priest.

Interim NXT Cruiserweight Championship Tournament: Drake Maverick [0-1] vs. Tony Nese [0-1]

Unlike Atlas, Nese is being a jerk to Drake. He tells him that he’s simply not good enough as he beats on him. Drake hits some shots to fight back but Nese keeps control going into the break. Returning, Nese says that people at home love to watch him cry. Drake is fuming and Nese keeps talking smack. Drake gets going and delivers a missile dropkick. Nese avoids Sliced Bread but Drake slips away from him and hits it anyway for a near fall. He misses a diving elbow and sells it like he broke it. Nese goes up but gets crouched. Drake follows up and hits a top rope bulldog to earn the win.

Winner: Drake Maverick [1-1] in 10:01 [**3/4]

Drake is hype about the win. He says you can call him the Wolf of NXT because “HE’S NOT FREAKING LEAVING” because he loves this. He believes in himself.

NXT North American Championship: Keith Lee [c] vs. Damian Priest

Lee sends Priest back to start and clotheslines him over the top. He also knocks him over the guardrail and presses him out there, tossing him all the way onto the apron. Following the commercial break, Priest tries to suplex Lee but can’t and gets hoisted up himself. However, he counters that into a backbreaker. Lee drives a charging Priest into the corner with a modified Pounce. Lee gets two on a lariat after a brawl outside. He wants a powerbomb but Priest fights him off with right hands. Priest is finally able to hit the Broken Arrow but is too hurt to capitalize. Priest adds a dive outside and back in, he tries the Cyclone Kick up top but it looks more like a hip attack. Lee comes back with a superplex for two. Chokeslam gets Priest two. Lee blocks a nightstick shot and delivers two Spirit Bombs to retain.

Winner: Keith Lee in 14:32 [***]

The final score: review Good
The 411
This was a really easy watch. No bad matches and while none were must-see, the show flowed nicely, set things up going forward, and was consistently entertaining. I can't ask for much more than that.

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