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Kevin’s WWE NXT Review 6.24.20

June 24, 2020 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
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Kevin’s WWE NXT Review 6.24.20  

ONE HOUR AGO ~ Cameron Grimes apparently attacked Damian Priest and slammed his body into the car door. Officials checked on Priest, who was holding his back in pain.

Grimes comes out knowing his scheduled opponent can’t compete. He verbally disses Priest for missing the biggest match of his career, especially since Grimes faced Balor last week with a “broken jaw.” He wants a forfeit win but Priest hits the ring anyway. Grimes jumps him before any bell can ring.

Cameron Grimes vs. Damian Priest

Priest fights back and hits a boot. He misses a corner avalanche and his taped ribs are a clear target. They head outside where Grimes keeps attacking the ribs. Priest goes for the Razor’s Edge out there but Grimes escapes and hits the Cave In on the outside. Priest barely beats the count. Inside, Priest avoids a corner attack but still eats Cave In to lose.

Winner: Cameron Grimes in 3:17 [NR]

Earlier today, Rhea Ripley was asked about Io Shirai saying the division was hers. Rhea respects that. She was interrupted by Robert Stone, who said that she threw him in the trash because she was playing hard to get. He said that Aliyah officially signed with the Robert Stone Brand. He doesn’t give second chances often but offered her a golden ticket. She leveled him and threw him in the dumpster again. Aliyah came over to help and scolded Rhea for throwing him in the trash, while also saying Rhea’s career went into the trash. Aliyah slapped her and Rhea offered her a golden ticket to the ring with her tonight.

Time for more That’s Thatch-Can wrestling school. He showed off how to make someone tap with various submissions and seems to really be enjoying getting to hurt people.

LAST WEEK ~ Santos Escobar and his buddies (El Legado del Fantasma) sent Drake Maverick to the hospital. Jake Atlas showed concern for his friend.

Jake Atlas vs. Santos Escobar

Non-title action here. Quick offense from an angry Atlas, including a sweet looking cross body. He keeps the pressure on, firing off right hands and forcing Escobar to take a corner powder. Atlas makes the mistake of taking his eyes off of Escobar for a moment and is knocked off the apron and into the plexiglass. Commercial time. Returning, Escobar has control and hits shots in the corner. Escobar wears him down but Atlas starts coming back with right hands and a clothesline. A standing moonsault gets him two. He sends Escobar outside with a dropkick and then uses a moonsault to take out Mendoza and Wilde. Atlas gets two on a headlock driver and goes up top. Escobar cuts him off and brings him down with the Phantom Driver to end it.

Winner: Santos Escobar in 10:31 [Good back and forth match though the break killed it somewhat. ***]

EARLIER TODAY ~ More from the Undisputed Era therapy session. Roddy explains why he ran from the trunk last week, which was out of fear. He thinks he can do it today though. He found out that it was Kyle O’Reilly as the therapist but was surprisingly excited about it. They head outside and Strong got in the trunk and back out, conquering his fear> Tonight, he faces Dexter Lumis and he’s less sure about that.

LAST WEEK ~ Imperium retained the titles thanks to Indus Sher and Burch/Lorcan fighting outside.

Malcolm Bivens requested an interview and says that he is pissed. They only were out there to see who would walk out as champions. They basically threw threats at Burch and Lorcan for attacking them.

VIDEO PACKAGE ~ It’s a hype video for the North American Title match and the fact that Adam Cole faces the winner in a double title match. The competitors talk about their past. Gargano beef with Lee. His issues with Balor. How Balor put NXT on the map. Lee being a hot star at the end of 2019. Johnny’s heel turn.

Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez vs. Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter

Kacy and Kayden are apparently the “KC Express.” Carter starts against Gonzalez and is shoved but fires off chops and kicks. She gets stopped by Gonzalez’s strength. Tag to Kacy who hops over Raquel, lands on Kayden, and flips back in. Her athleticism is impressive. Gonzalez sends Kayden to the corner and tags out. Kayden gets free and launches Kacy over her and onto Kai for two. Kai turns it around with a knee and gets two on tandem offense. Carter gets tagged and fires off shots on both opponents. Carter rolls through a pin and hits a superkick for two. Both girls tag out and Raquel gets overwhelmed but a flurry of kicks. She catches a launched Kacy, boots Kayden, and powerbomb Kacy. Tag to Kai to finish it, which she does with her Koji Clutch.

Winners: Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez in 4:12 [A really fun sprint with enjoyable tag offense. **3/4]

Dakota tells the camera that this division doesn’t belong to Io Shirai. She’s in her crosshairs.

Bronson Reed vs. Karrion Kross

Reed steps right to Kross and fires off forearms. Kross comes back with his own and knocks Reed to the mat with one. Reed gets in his own shots, including an enziguri. Kross and Reed both fire up and start trading blows. Kross hits a northern lights suplex, hangs on, and adds a lariat. Doomsday Saito and Kross Jacket makes Reed tap.

Winner: Karrion Kross in 2:23 [About as good as you can get in two minutes. Hard hitting and no BS. **1/2]

Adam Cole is interviewed about who he would prefer to face from tonight’s main event. It doesn’t matter to him because it’ll be the same result as it has been over the past 381 days.

Another Mercedes Martinez vignette runs. She says she’ll change the entire division. She will flip it upside down.

Aliyah vs. Rhea Ripley

Rhea quickly overwhelms Aliyah and dropkicks her to send her outside. Stone coaches Aliyah out there and it leads to a neck snap on the top rope. She comes off the middle rope and is caught by Rhea. Aliyah pulls hair to get free but Rhea still tosses her around. Aliyah kicks out and gets more advice but Rhea continues to toy with her. Rhea traps her in the hanging submission but Stone throws his shoe at her. She chases him around the ring and removes his jacket. Aliyah tries for a cheap rollup but Rhea blocks and hits Riptide.

Winner: Rhea Ripley in 3:08 [NR]

Dexter Lumis vs. Roderick Strong

Bobby Fish was with Strong. Still, Roddy is nervous and barely wants to even lock up. Eventually, Dexter’s creepiness leads to Roddy running to the back and getting counted out.

Winner via countout: Dexter Lumis in 1:48 [NR]

Post-match, Lumis caught a frustrated Fish in his submission but Fish got free and scrambled.

Backstage, Robert Stone and Aliyah speak with William Regal. They need a rematch with Rhea. Regal likes the idea and books Stone and Aliyah vs. Ripley. Stone agrees with the caveat that Rhea joins if she loses. Regal says he can’t mak that promise but Rhea shows up and says she’s good with that stipulation.

William Regal announces that next week, Tegan Nox, Mia Yim, Dakota Kai, and Candice LeRae will meet for a shot at Io Shirai’s NXT Women’s Title. We get a little video package hyping each woman.

Also next week, Lumis vs. Strong in a Strap Match.

NXT North American Championship: Keith Lee [c] vs. Finn Balor vs. Johnny Gargano

Johnny bails to let the others duke it out. He gets back in when Lee catches Finn but both smaller men are taken down by the champ heading into break. Returning, Lee is still beating on both smaller guys. Finn found some success with a sleeper and Johnny followed suit with one of his own. Together, they manage to get Lee reeling. Still, Lee tosses them both overhead. They try again and fail again as both are sent outside. Finn finally gets him down with a Slingblade but he gets up to take a Johnny senton. Up again is Lee and both men finally send him into the steel steps heading into a second commercial.

NEXT WEEK ~ The Great American Bash comes to NXT.

Returning, Balor works over Johnny with shoulder thrusts and chops inside. Johnny fights back and superkicks Lee as he gets up outside, followed by the slingshot spear inside for two on Balor. Finn rallies and takes out Lee with a tope con hill. Back in, he hits Final Cut for two. Lee gets back involved and takes out both with a slingshot cross body. Lee nails a standing double stomp and escapes the electric chair to put Lee in another sleeper. Johnny breaks it with a superkick and hits One Final Beat on Finn but Lee breaks the pin. Johnny hits a tope suicida on Lee but Balor catches his. He wants 1916 on the outside like when he took out Johnny last year. Lee breaks it up with a Pounce. Inside, Finn with a double stomp on Lee but Johnny superkicks him to stop the John Woo dropkick. Finn still hits one on Johnny that sends him into Lee. Lee falls on Johnny the way he did on Candice a few weeks ago. Lee hits Finn up top and Johnny rolls him up with feet on the ropes for two. Lee hits Johnny with a popup powerbomb onto Finn’s back and adds the Big Bang Catastrophe. He covers and Finn wants the Coup de Grace but Lee gets up and Gargano takes it. Lee hits Finn with the Big Bang Catastrophe to retain.

Winner: Keith Lee in 19:45 [Really good main event. They laid out a smart match in terms of dealing with Lee, everyone came out looking good, and the action/drama ruled late. ***3/4]

Adam Cole hits the ring to pose with his title face to face with Lee, who hoists his up as the graphic for the match appears on the tron behind them.

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
There was only one match that would be recommended but as a whole two-hour episode of wrestling TV, I think this was great. They furthered several angles, gave us a quality Atlas/Scobar match, delivered two fun sprints (women's tag and Kross/Reed), before capping it with a killer main event. The only thing I didn't really like was the Lumis/Strong angle.

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