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Kevin’s WWE NXT Review 9.30.20

September 30, 2020 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
WWE NXT 93020 Johnny Gargano Candice LeRae
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Kevin’s WWE NXT Review 9.30.20  

We start with a recap from last week.

Dakota Kai vs. Shotzi Blackheart

They open with back and forth action until Shotzi gets the upper hand with the ball pit leg drop. She also busts out some unique submission holds that Dakota manages to counter into an armbar. When Kai gets in trouble, Raquel Gonzalez is there to cause a distraction and set up a backbreaker near fall. Commercial break time. During the break, Kai holds serve but Blackheart rallies when they return. She fires off forearms and a step up enzugri before adding a cannonball. However, she takes a corner boot in the corner, only to kick Kai’s leg and make her fall face first onto her knee. They fight on the apron and they come down awfully with Shotzi doing a Sliced Bread. It looked like Shotzi landed on her head. Raquel gets involved but Rhea Ripley shows up and shoves her into the steel steps. This gives Shotzi the opening to avoid the corner boot and beat Dakota with a school girl.

Winner: Shotzi Blackheart in 13:08 [It got a bit messed up by the break but this was a good start to the show. Shotzi continues to look good and Dakota is an unsung MVP of the division. ***]

We get a sit down conversation with Isaiah Scott and Santos Escobar. Scott says in a fair one-on-one meeting, he’ll win. Escobar denies that, calling him a parasite that he can’t get rid of. Escobar says that when things are on the line, Scott comes up short. Scott says he’s overcome a lot in his life so whatever he throws at him, he’ll be ready for.

There’s another vignette that airs of the person on a motorcycle who is “going back home” at TakeOver.

It’s time for a Prime Target on Kyle O’Reilly. He discusses wrestling being his passion and says that The Undisputed Era is the best thing to happen to him both professionally and personally. He says he’s been targeting Balor for a long time but they kept missing each other. Everything he’s done in his career was building to this match. He believes the group will stay together and calls this the second wave of the golden prophecy.

Commentary mentions that Tegan Nox has a torn ACL following Candice LeRae’s attack. They cut to a word with the Garganos. They say it was karma. You break the TV, you get your ACL torn apart. As for tonight, they’re warming up for becoming champions at the same time on Sunday.

Cameron Grimes comes out and calls the Gauntlet Eliminator stupid. He makes up his own match. The Cameron Grimes Invitational Stepping Tones To The Moon Match. He handpicked his opponents too. I missed the name of the first opponent but he’s tiny and Grimes says he did well in the NCAA 85 pound weight class. He wins with the Cave In immediately. Joey Strong is next but he is tossed around on stage by Ridge Holland. Holland hits the ring and attacks Grimes, starting a match.

Cameron Grimes vs. Ridge Holland

Holland beats the hell out of him and stomps on him until he’s disqualified I believe.

Winner via DQ?: Cameron Grimes in 0:39 [NR]

Austin Theory is interviewed. He says that Kyle O’Reilly isn’t the future, he is. After all, he already appeared at WrestleMania.

KUSHIDA vs. Tony Nese

We get more of aggressive KUSHIDA, who attacks the arm. His single arm DDT looks vicious. He stomps on Nese’s face a bunch and wins with the Hoverboard Lock.

Winner: KUSHIDA in 2:13 [NR]

Velveteen Dream interrupts on the tron to say that no matter what KUSHIDA does, on Sunday, all eyes will be on him.

Cameron Grimes complains in the back and bumps into creepy Dexter Lumis.

Adam Cole is in the ring returning from break. He puts over what UE has done since arriving. Even though they’ve struggled as of late, they’re still the same dominant unit they’ve always been. So, he wants Austin Theory to say what he said about Kyle to his face. Theory walks out and accepts the match purely so he doesn’t get jumped by UE.

Adam Cole vs. Austin Theory

Cole is in a bad mood. He fires off superkicks and offense inside, even saying, “Wrong guy, Austin” after beating him up. When Theory gets going, Cole stops him with an elbow. Theory actually turns it around heading into break. Returning, Theory stomps on him in the corner. Cole comes back with the brainbuster on the knee and when that gets a near fall, he looks impressed with Theory. Panama Sunrise is countered and Theory superkicks him in the back of the neck. Blue Thunder Bomb gets two for Theory. He makes a mistake and dives into a superkick. He rolls into another and takes the brainbuster followed by the Last Shot.

Winner: Adam Cole in 13:01 [Better than expected and Theory’s best showing in a while. Adam Cole puts in quality work even though he doesn’t have much of a story now. ***1/4]

Damian Priest and Io Shira are interviewed ahead of the main event. He calls them the rock stars of NXT and that they don’t have to be a power couple. Io says something in Japanese and then says, “rock stars.” They fist bump and when Priest leaves, she says, “He’s not bad.”

Kayden Carter vs. Xia Li

This stems from Li not showing respect a few weeks ago after losing a tag match to Carter and Catanzaro. Quick paced start as Carter showcases her athleticism. However, Li gets aggressive and delivers stiff elbows and kicks. When she can’t get the three, she goes for more immediate covers and argues with the referee. Carter gets two on a roll through superkick. They go into a wild exchange of flash pin attempts and Carter comes out on top.

Winner: Kayden Carter in 3:24 [A good little match here to continue showcasing the fun that is Carter/Catanzaro and move towards a heel Xia. **]

Carter again offers a handshake but Li shoves her to the mat. Kacy tries to stop her but she gets pushed away too.

Shawn Michaels hosts a sitdown face to face between O’Reilly and Balor. Finn says he doesn’t think Kyle is a secret, he’s just lesser-known. The business watches Finn but he’s watched Kyle and knows that he’s tremendous as a singles guy elsewhere. Kyle says that Finn likes to stroke his own ego because he thinks he’ll win for sure on Sunday. Kyle says this isn’t about Undisputed Era, it’s about his moment. He doesn’t see a power struggle in the group. He mocks what Grimes said last week and Finn gets serious, saying he’ll slap the freckles off his face. There’s no room for jokes. Kyle doesn’t care that Finn has been in the business for 20 years and he’s been there for 15. This isn’t just the biggest match of his career, it’s the biggest moment of his life. Finn says he’s not a one-time main eventer and that he does this often. Kyle says he’s not the underdog and that’s bullshit. “Something about the sound of a man’s kneecap exploding tends to sway public opinion.” Finn gets the last word, saying that Kyle is very good and he’d be champion if anyone else held the title.

Candice LeRae and Johnny Gargano vs. Damian Priest and Io Shirai

Matching gear for the Garganos. Priest and Shirai charge the ring and brawl with the Garganos, cleaning house before the bell. It’s great to see Io and Candice go at it again. Io hit s flapjack and dropkick. Gargano enters and is sent outside with an elbow before Io hits double knees on Candice. She then gets on Priest’s shoulders and is launched onto her opponents outside, taking them out before a break. During that break, Candice takes over by wearing down Io as Johnny talks smack. Io gets free and makes the tag so Priest can run over Gargano. Leaping back elbow and Broken Arrow gets two. Gargano coms back with kicks and Priest tags out, so Io takes out Gargano with a springboard dropkick. In comes Candice and she gets put in a crossface. It gets broken up and Candice gets going, hitting a senton. She misses the quebrada and Io nails her double underhook backbreaker. Johnny comes in and is taken out by Piest so Io can hit him with a moonsault. Tag to Priest but Candice sneaks in and kicks him low. Io chases her around the ring and stomps on her. Johnny beat Priest with One Final Beat.

Winners: Candice LeRae and Johnny Gargano in 10:17 [That was a lot of fun. It wasn’t great but it was really good and getting to see Io battle Johnny was great. ***1/4]

Io gets in Johnny’s face so Candice takes her out with a backstabber. Johnny gets the titles so they can pose with them.

The final score: review Good
The 411
This is often all I can ask for from a TV show. Nothing on the show was bad, they furthered several angles ahead of the TakeOver, and there were some good matches. I enjoyed that and the show moved along very nicely.

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