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Kiera Hogan Hopes Knockouts Tag Team Titles Return At Slammiversary

June 20, 2020 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Kiera Hogan Impact Wrestling

In an interview with Wrestling Epicenter, Kiera Hogan said that she hopes Impact Wrestling brings back the Knockouts tag team titles at this year’s Slammiversary PPV event. They sent us the following highlights:

On her PRIDE events in Chicago leading up to last year’s Bound for Glory: “That was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. It was an amazing learning experience. Even thinking about it makes me speechless and that is why I’m kind of tripping over my words. I can’t even explain how many amazing things I saw and people I met. I just want to have the opportunity to do more things like that and share my story and advocate because of how the world is going with this pandemic and now with PRIDE month pretty much being cancelled which is kind of sad because I was ready for all the parades and festivities. It is kind of bittersweet. But, with the Supreme Court passing the law that allows no more discriminating against the LGBTQ community, it is a great PRIDE month regardless!”

On becoming her new heel persona and less like the “Girl on Fire” we first met: “I love the persona I am now. What you saw with the “Girl on Fire” is definitely different from what you see now. Two completely different people… Two completely different women. Actually, a girl and a woman. Because, at this point in my career, that is what the “Hottest Flame” is – The adult version of the “Girl on Fire”. I didn’t want to be a “girl” anymore at 25 years old. So, I’m thoroughly enjoying being the “Hottest Flame” because the “Hottest Flame” is what it says – I’m the hottest, I’m the baddest, I’m the best!”

On the arrival of new faces such as Deonna Purrazzo, Kylee Rae, etc: “It’s been cool. Obviously, it presents new obstacles on the way to the title. I didn’t know you could just come in off the street and go straight to the top like that. Again, it is bittersweet. On one hand, we get all these new faces. But, on the other hand, “Great, we get all these new faces but one of those new faces gets to jump straight to the front of the line!” That’s fantastic! None of the rest of us have been working. None of the rest of us have been working our asses off for the past I don’t know how long! Where’s my opportunity? I’m just waiting for my opportunity because my goal is to finally get some gold. Whether it be the Knockouts Championship or the Knockouts Tag Team Titles because those should be coming back. My idol? My vision right now is to be like Gail Kim when she held both of those titles at the same time. That is my goal. I will be whoever I need to be to get that opportunity because it is long overdue.”

On possibly bringing back the Knockouts Tag Team Titles and Taylor Wilde hinting a return: “Oh, definitely! I was a huge fan of Taylor Wilde and hearing her story back when I was in high school. Even to be able to meet her backstage at an Impact show or get her to tweet about the Knockouts division as it is now is iconic because she’s iconic. And, those titles are iconic. And, to hear icons like Gail Kim and Madison Rayne talk about those titles, it is only fair that the titles be brought back. At the end of the day, the Knockouts are the best and we need to be showcased as the best. Our tag team division right now is popping and I think it is hot. So, why not capitalize and give us something to fight for?

On Tasha Steelz and their new tag team pro success: “Me and Tasha get along great and we’re on a winning streak. That’s all I wanted since I came to Impact – To be on a winning streak and for my work to be noticed and not looked at as a sidekick, muscle, or somebody’s best friend. I want to be known as somebody who wins, who makes matches, and deserves opportunities. So, taking Tasha under my wing – Even though she just came in, I was in her spot at one point. I don’t want to see her go the wrong direction. So, I’m going to take her under my wing, take her to the top, and once we reach the top together, everything is set! It is all good!”

On Madison Rayne taking her under her wing both on and off camera: “Truly and honestly, working with Madison Rayne is a dream. It is just a dream! Because, like I said, I used to watch TNA and I used to watch Madison and the Beautiful People and her work is iconic. To be under her learning tree and to be able to do these vignettes and these promos with her, it is a dream. Madison is a wonderful person to look up to in this industry. She’s done a lot… She is an amazing character. If you go back and look at her older work, she is the GOAT (greatest of all time) when it comes to character work. When we got teamed together, it was kind of… I don’t know? Kind of weird. I was kind of like, “I’m being teamed with Madison. We’ll see how that goes.” But, it ended up being really awesome and I got to learn about her and she got to learn about me. She’s amazing. As a person, she’s looked out for me. She’s an amazing person and she’s an amazing person. She’s outstanding!”

On what Impact running Atlanta back in March meant to her: “My family had never seen me wrestle in person before. And, I’ve been wrestling for 5 years now. It was a very sweet, sweet moment to have my family there in the front row. My grandma came and my grandma hates wrestling! Hates it! But, she came and had my old shirt on! Her and my Aunt who has Lupus were sitting front row. My brother and his girlfriend came…. And then my mom… I remember telling my mom I wanted to be a wrestler. And then, to see her there watching me at a TV taping was like, are you kidding me? It all comes full circle. I remember telling her I wanted to be a wrestler, why I am supposed to be here, and why I wanted to do this. Her sitting there at a TV taping was just proof why I am supposed to be here. Look at this stage, look at where I am, look at what is happening. Like, they got to take a picture with the World Champion Tessa Blanchard! It was just an amazing experience!”

On her prediction on who will show up at Slammiversary: “I honestly don’t know. I feel like Slammiversary is the perfect environment for anybody to show up. The door is open for new faces at just TV tapings. The door is wide open and all the new faces just adds fuel to what Impact is which is fire. I feel like Impact has been underrated for so long and now people are starting to open their eyes to what Impact is. Impact is great! Impact is the best! People just need to watch. I know it can be hard to find. But, Twitch is free! Watch every Tuesday night! The Knockouts division, like I’ve said since I was 17 years old, is the best division. And being a part of it for so long, I wholeheartedly believe that. So, please, take a look!”

On Booker T’s recent compliments towards Impact: “To hear him say that knowing him on the level that I do and to know he’s watching us makes me even more excited. Because, he is a legend. And, he knows the company. So, to know he sees what we’re doing, we’re already a challenger. We know we are. But, for more people to validate that, it speaks for itself!”

On her plans for Slammiversary: “I think those Knockouts Tag Titles should be introduced in some way at Slammiversary. And, all the tag teams, past and present, should duke it out for those tag titles. If it can be, let it be! I think that would be the icing on the Knockouts tag division because I think it is already starting to brew.”

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