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KiLynn King On Why Impact Is a Good Fit For Her, Chyna Being an Inspiration To Her

March 17, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
KiLynn King AEW Dark Image Credit: AEW

KiLynn King is signed with Impact Wrestling, and she recently talked about being part of the company and how Chyna was a big inspiration to her growing up. King, who won the Knockouts Tag Team Championships with Taylor Wilde on last night’s show, spoke with Steve Fall for WrestlingNews.co and you can see some highlights below:

On signing with Impact Wrestling: “I had been trying to get some work there for a while. Tommy Dreamer and Gail (Kim) were both big advocates for me there. So right around December, I had the opportunity to go work with them for the first time and I got to work Taylor Wilde and Gisele (Shaw). About a week or two after I had that interaction with them, I got a call saying, ‘Hey, we want to offer you something’, and I was like, ‘Yeah.’ The moment I got there, the backstage atmosphere was just amazing. Everybody is so uplifting and encouraging. They just want the best product out there and that’s the kind of locker room you want to be in. So as soon as I got the phone call, my gut immediately was like, ‘Yep, you’re gonna do this. This is the next step.'”

On why Impact Wrestling is a good fit for her: “The moment I worked with them and the contract was in the works and in the talks, the idea of who I was wasn’t questioned. Sometimes you go places and the thing that you’ve been building over the years on the Independents and everything, people are like, ‘Okay, that’s great, but we want you to do this now.’ The moment they talked to me, like, ‘We want to take the King franchise (King is her real last name) and we want to figure out how to make it work in Impact’, and that was the biggest thing for me because I’ve been working for the last two years on how to make KyLynn King, The King, really stand out in this generation and they were really on board with that. So there’s a lot of amazing character work that goes on there. For the longest time, the biggest thing that I’ve done is just like wrestling, wrestling, wrestling, and now I get to dive more into that character work and really get to tap into my acting skills. So I’m very excited for that process.”

On Chyna being an inspiration to her growing up: “So for me growing up, I was always at least a foot or so taller than all the girls in my class, sometimes all the boys too. Even before I got into sports and into weightlifting and stuff like that, I always had a bigger frame. I just always looked very different. I’m an Irish, pale girl, like, you just stand out no matter where you go. I remember for the longest time, I thought all those physical qualities about me were bad. Like, I always felt like I was the outsider. So I remember the first time I ever saw her on my television and knowing that she was so big, and she was so tall, and she looks better than some of the Divas on TV and stuff like that, but that was what made her stand out. That was what made people want her to be a part of their company. That’s what made her a lot of money and got her adoring fans, and to me, that was the first time in my life where I ever had a female model like that that I was able to look in the mirror and be like, ‘Hey, all these things about me that people like to make fun of or tell me that I’m different for, this girl is famous and getting paid lots of money because of it, so I think I’ll be okay.’ That was the first symbolism for me that being different is cool. It’s fine. So for me like that was always the biggest thing that she ever did for me was she was the first step for me mentally becoming okay with who I was.”