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King Corbin On His Hopes For the Future of Cinematic Matches, Says They Will Make Wrestlers Better

June 8, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
WWE Smackdown 5.08.20 King Corbin

King Corbin discussed the rise of cinematic matches and his hopes for how WWE uses them going forward during a new podcast appearance. Corbin appeared on Dread Central’s Who Goes There podcast and talked with the hosts about WWE delving into the cinematic side with matches like the Boneyard Match and Money in the Bank. Highlights and the full audio are below:

On cinematic matches: “Yeah, I think they’re awesome … I love it. It’s just different, like it’s fresh, you know. I mean, if you watch WWE and you’re used to seeing a live audience, and then you go to no audience it was almost a difficult transition. Because you’re hearing different sounds, there are moments of silence which is weird. People don’t like silence, I’m fine with it … But the ability to watch it on TV and be into it is a little bit more difficult. So now now you’re adding this cinematic side, where you’re having some sound effects and cuts, and it’s a little more uptempo. I think it’s awesome.

On what he’d like to see happen with cinematic matches: “I think I would love if they did like four of these a year as Network specials. Not anything that is played to an audience once we get audiences back, but only on the Network. Like let’s say Halloween is coming up and we do a Halloween Horrors match where dudes are fighting through a haunted house. That’d be awesome to watch.”

On if he thinks that they will stick around: “I hope so, I think people are into it. I feel like, like I said, it’s just something different. Because when we go back to being with audiences, I don’t want to lose the stuff we’ve had to learn. And plus, I think a lot of this is gonna make guys a lot better. Because you’re having to be able to adapt. And you know, everybody wants to kind of dabble in Hollywood, I think at some point in their wrestling career. Because your body can only take so much. And now being out there and doing this thing with no crowd kind of gives you a taste of what being in Hollywood would be like. Because you don’t have that instant gratification that you’re used to. They’ve gotta wait for their movie to drop to find out if people like it or not.”

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