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Kofi Kingston Thinks It’s Easier for The New Day to Work Without a Crowd in WWE

April 7, 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
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Sportskeeda’s Rich Ucchino recently interviewed WWE Superstar Kofi Kingston, who spoke about performing without a crowd for WWE’s recent shows during the coronavirus pandemic. Below are some highlights.

Kofi Kingston on performing without a crowd: “Well It’s definitely different. I think that for us as the New Day it’s probably a lot easier than it is for other people… Yes we thrive on crowd participation and everything that we do we want to involve the crowd. We want to make sure that the live audience is participating and having a great show, but a lot of the times… Myself, E and Woods, we’re just in there trying to entertain each other and it just so happens that there’s a crowd that can get behind it and also be entertained.”

On having an internal clock for the crowd: “You kind of have like an internal clock of where you feel the crowd and fans would be. You know? So you feel that energy. And going up against guys like the Usos and Miz and Morrison, they’re so good at what they do and so entertaining, that you can’t help but like still feel that level, that energy.”

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