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Konnan Isn’t Sure Why Cain Velazquez Didn’t Perform Well In WWE

March 2, 2020 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Cain Velasquez Raw 10.21.19

In an interview with Wrestling Inc, Konnan spoke about the booking of Cain Velasquez in WWE and said he wasn’t sure why the former MMA fighter didn’t perform in WWE to the same level as his AAA bookings.

He said: “I don’t know. I didn’t ask Cain. We kinda keep in contact but I didn’t ask him. When I brought Cain in, we had him go in train in Vegas with Disco Inferno and Kevin Kross. Here’s the thing about Cain: very dedicated and professional. He was always on time and was there early. He’s also got that UFC pedigree and you know what their training is like. He went out there and he f***ing killed it. He wore a mask and I made sure I put him in with good workers who made him look good. I made sure I knew exactly what he was gonna do before he went into the ring. So, everything was pretty controlled. When he went in with Brock, he only had two matches – the two in TripleMania. So he’s basically wrestling a guy who only had two matches and then his knee was f***ed up. But how bad could it be as he did a plancha at Madison Square Garden off the third [rope]? I don’t know if he went in there and re-hurt his knee and Brock said, ‘Wow, this guy’s hurt and he hasn’t had that many matches.’ That’s a guy who really could be big because everyone knows he’s the real deal.

He added that Velazquez said he recently had his knee scoped, so he doesn’t think the injury is that serious. He also said WWE could have done more with him.

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