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Konnan On WWE: “They’ve Lost Their Way”

May 20, 2019 | Posted by Jordan Huie
Konnan GFW MLW

— Wrestling legend Konnan spoke with Wrestling Inc. on their WINCLY podcast recently where he discussed the issues with WWE’s product, as well as what MLW owner Court Bauer (Konnan’s current boss) learned from his time with Vince McMahon.

Konnan noted that since he has a wrestling podcast he has no choice but to watch WWE’s shows, and wouldn’t otherwise. He went on to echo many common sentiments, such as disdain for the overproduction of WWE’s modern product.

“I think they’ve shot themselves in the foot so many times,” he said. “There’s no show that if it was as bad as WWE has been for the last few years, I’d still be watching.”

“Just the unnecessary filters and unnecessary backstage politics – you gotta watch what you say and do. Them writing out promos that are brutal, just some terrible stuff said on TV. Rey Mysterio going on WrestleMania and he’s in there for one minute? C’mon!”

He continued, “It’s almost like this company that was so great at storylines and making stars and vignettes – they’ve lost their way. A lot of it can be contributed to Vince McMahon but a lot of it is also the talent. You can’t become complacent.”

Nowadays Konnan is working for Major League Wrestling, owned by former WWE writer Court Bauer. He went into what the two promoters have in common and what Bauer learned from his time with Vince.

“I don’t know Vince that well. But like Vince, [Bauer] is a workaholic. To be 70 years and still be going to all of the TV tapings and all that…he built it. That’s his empire. All of the mistakes Vince has made, you also have to look at all of the successes he’s had. I believe the one thing Court learned from Vince was probably his work ethic.”

He noted how important discipline is to Bauer, “I was in the military for seven years and I understand the importance of a regimen. If there’s no discipline then there’s complete anarchy and chaos. There has to be discipline and accountability and he’s very big on that.”

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