Kota Ibushi Says NJPW G1 Climax Final Aren’t The Right Time To Fight Kenny Omega

July 29, 2017 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Kota Ibushi Image Credit: NJPW

In an interview with NJPW, Kota Ibushi spoke about a possible match with Kenny Omega, the G1 Climax special and more. Here are highlights:

On the G1 Climax schedule: “I really haven’t had a run of singles matches this long outside of the G1. It’s a case of breathing deep and going ‘Here we go again.'”

On possibly facing Okada or Kenny Omega in the G1 Finals: “I think obviously Kenny and Okada are the favorites in Block B. That said, I do have my doubts over whether this is the right time to face Kenny, but then maybe facing Kenny in the finals and winning is a one time kind of opportunity. It’s very complicated, and I have a lot of conflicting emotions about it. But ultimately, I think it’s not the right time right now. I’m more interested in getting my singles match revenge against Okada or maybe Michael Elgin.”

On facing Hiroshi Tanahashi in August: “I’m really happy to wrestle Tanahashi there [Ibushi’s hometown], after – if I’m honest – he seemed down for much of last year. Well, everyone goes through down periods, but he feels less like the focus [in NJPW]. I think if you look at Osaka Jo [Dominion show in June], everyone was singing the praises of Kenny and Okada, but I think Tanahashi and Naito was the better match. First time in a long time, that match made me think, ‘Yep, Tanahashi is a god.'”

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