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Kurt Angle Provides His Thoughts On Foxcatcher (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)

January 23, 2015 | Posted by Joseph Lee

In a post on Facebook, Kurt Angle gave his thoughts on the Academy Award nominated film Foxcatcher, which tells the story of Dave Schultz. Schultz was the mentor of Angle.

He wrote: “I finally struck up the nerve to see Foxcatcher today. Wow…. It’s hard to relive something so very close to You. To be honest, I cried hard when Dave was shot and murdered by DuPont. The emotional tie I had with Dave was so very strong. He was a friend, coach, mentor, a true brother. The movie was very real-to-life. The actors were “right on” with their portrayals of Mark, Dave and Du Pont. The 1 thing that stood out was Dave’s true Love for wrestling. He truly Loved wrestling, more than anyone. Dave unselfishly Loved wrestling, to the point of helping others more than himself. I felt a sense of guilt as well. I witnessed, watching the movie, that my career escalated because of the sacrifices Mark and Dave Schultz both endured. For Mark, Foxcatcher ultimately ruined the end of his wrestling career. For Dave, he lost his life. If there wasn’t a Foxcatcher, I never would have met Dave, therefore I don’t know how far I would have made it. Dave was a crucial part of my success. Both Mark and Dave were my role models. Mark was unbeatable, PERIOD! When Mark was on, there was nobody better. NOBODY! And Dave?? He was the absolute best technician in the world, bar none. On the side of John Du Pont, I saw a man who never got approval from his mother. A man that had nothing but time on his hands. And when a man’s mind runs idle, evil can kick in. It seems sad that extremely wealthy people seem to get bored if they don’t have short and long term goals to attain. To the point of taking drugs and letting your mind start to stray. Delusional is a better term, but regardless, evil stemmed from it. So many great memories I had at Foxcatcher. So many days training with Dave, knowing that he was going make me better. I never went back to Foxcatcher after Dave was killed. I honestly don’t know how I would feel. Would I remember the good things, or would I stand in front of the spot where Dave was killed and shed more tears. Regardless, the Schultz brothers have had a positive effect on my life. Learning from Dave and wanting to be as good as Mark. They will live forever in my heart and soul. May GOD bless You both. I will never forget You both and the times we had at Foxcatcher Farms!!! And to Bennett Miller, the director, job well done!

Angle was training at the du Point facility when the murder happened and wrote about his time there in his 2001 WWF autobiography It’s True! It’s True!. After Schultz was killed, he left du Pont’s building and became the first member of the Dave Schultz Wrestling Camp, which sponsored his run in the Olympics. He won the gold medal in 1996 in Atlanta, Georgia and dedicated it to Schultz. In his book, he said that Schultz was his mentor since his sophomore year of college. In the film, Schultz is played by Mark Ruffalo, who is nominated for Best Supporting Actor. Mark Schultz is played by Channing Tatum and du Pont is played by Steve Carell. Director Bennett Miller is nominated for Best Director. The film is also nominated for Best Original Screenplay.

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