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Kurt Angle on Which NXT Superstars He Thinks Will Make an Impact in WWE, on Story of Him Beating WWE Locker Room in ‘Real Wrestling’ Challenges in Early 2000

June 10, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Kurt Angle WWE 2000

– WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle recently took part in a fan Q&A session on his Facebook page over the weekend. Below are some highlights from his most recent fan Q&A. During the Q&A, Angle addressed a fan question on a rumor that he beat the entire WWE locker room in “real wrestling” bouts to anyone who challenged him back in early 2000.

Kurt Angle on which NXT Superstar could lead WWE in the future: “I’ve been in this business way too long to predict anything like that. I think there are many talents that will make an impact. Velveteen [Dream] or [Adam] Cole or [Johnny] Gargano could be the ones to make the next impression in the business. It will be fun to watch.”

Angle on his favorite WWE attire: “My Team Angle attire was by far my favorite. It was pretty slick looking. I wish it would have lasted longer. Team Angle broke up wayyyy too early.”

Angle on the story of him beating the entire WWE locker room in “real wrestling” and if it’s true: “Yes, kind of. But I am an Olympic gold medalist…LOL. That was prior to breaking my neck in 2003. Once I broke my neck, I lost 50 percent of my upper body strength. I couldn’t do any real competing after that.”

Angle on the atmosphere during the WWE Attitude Era compared to today: “It was super raw, exciting, and unpredictable. Keep in mind that attitude era was before the company went public. We did some crazy stuff on tv that would not be allowed today, that’s why it was so fun. It was definitely a different feel.”

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