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Kurt Angle Says AEW Will Do Very Well But Won’t Catch WWE, Talks Wrestling Machine Gimmick & More

June 1, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Kurt Angle WrestleMania 35, Drew McIntyre

– Kurt Angle fired up a new Facebook Q&A and weighed in on AEW, who he would have picked for his final opponent and more. You can see highlights below:

On his expectations for AEW: “AEW will do very well. BUT, it’s not WWE. WWE is a monster. It will be fun to see how this pans out. I’ve seen companies in the past attempt to make a run against WWE. WCW was actually neck and neck. TNA was not able to compare, but they had a great run with amazing talent, and TNA was a solid #2. AEW has some amazing talent as well, but WWE is so global, I don’t think anyone will catch them. That’s my opinion and I could be wrong.”

On his dream job as a kid: “I never thought about it as a kid. Probably because deep down inside, I knew what I truly wanted since I was 6 years old…to become a world-class athlete. I accomplished that, and more. Winning the Olympic gold medal was my priority for 20 years. THAT was my dream job. Making money didn’t matter to me. I wanted to do something that hardly anyone else could accomplish. I was relentless and patient, not to mention I trained my ass off (which is probably why I despise training every day now… although I still do it).”

On his ‘wrestling machine’ gimmick: “It was my favorite character. I played the cheating heel, the nerd heel, and the White Meat baby face, but the Wrestling Machine fit me better than any of them. I was the best wrestler in the world from 2002-6. I knew that. I was literally a “wrestling machine”. And it worked.”

On who his choice for final opponent would have been: “I would have picked a veteran. Cena, HHH, Brock, Shawn Michaels. But, I’m not the boss. Lol”

On his breaking point in terms of his drug abuse: “When I got charged with my 4th DUI. That was it. Denial was no longer an option. I look back now and think, “what took me so long to get help?”. I’m ashamed of the many things I’ve done, but I can’t regret it, because I got clean and I’m staying clean. My past is now part of who I am. I’m a great husband, great father, and loyal Christian. I have many beautiful things in my life that are valuable to me, especially my kids. Clean is the only option.”

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