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Kurt Angle’s Secret: Dixie Or Riot

July 17, 2017 | Posted by Brian Denny
Kurt Angle

“Tonight, we are going to change the business”

-Dixie Carter, several times as TNA President

For the first time, in as far back as I can remember, the WWE ended Monday Night RAW with a cliffhanger, a hook. FINALLY! If you follow Vince Russo on Twitter he practically begs the WWE to end every RAW with a hook. They almost refuse to do so, however, this past Monday they finally ended the show with people actually talking about what will happen next week. What a novel idea.

This story line started a month after Kurt Angle took the job as RAW Commissioner. Back then I had no idea it was going to lead to THIS. A major angle that RAW will be centered around. This coming Monday we are supposed to finally get answers to what Kurt Angle and Corey Graves have been talking about for weeks. Who has been sending the texts? Who has dirt on Kurt that could ruin his career? Who was he speaking with when he said “I love you”? Who has been texting Graves? I’d also like to know how Graves even ties into any of this because it’s definitely something that needs to be told.

So who is it? What is it? An illegitimate child story? An affair? Is Kurt’s wife involved? Is Kurt’s ex-wife involved? It’s the classic who shot J.R? (Not the pro wrestling commentator) There have been rumors running all week about what is going to happen Monday night.




    * There’s speculation that this involves Stephanie McMahon in some payoff from 15 years ago where she and Kurt almost kissed (or did they? I don’t remember) which will eventually lead him to a match with Triple H. Monday night Lance Storm tweeted about how we might be finally getting the payoff from it, however, I can’t verify if he started this rumor. Dave Meltzer thinks it has something to do with Stephanie McMahon. He wasn’t told that specifically but he is under the impression that WWE is going with Kurt Angle vs Triple H at some point.

    * Another rumor making the rounds is that someone on the current roster is the son of Kurt Angle. And that someone is Chad Gable. I don’t know how they would pull off and make it even slightly believable that Kurt is his dad. But I guess it doesn’t have to be. After all, Hornswoggle is the son of Vince McMahon.

    * And lastly, this story involves Dixie Carter.  It is rumored that Dixie was on the receiving end of the “I love you” and she and Kurt are coming clean about their affair. Eric Bischoff said that it was going to be Dixie in some sort of AJ Styles and Claire rip off.

    While some may want Stephanie McMahon to be the one on the phone or for Chad Gable to be his son …I want Dixie.  For those who do not know Dixie Carter, she’s the former President of TNA Wrestling, now known as GFW. She started with TNA back in 2002 doing marketing and publicity. Soon after Jeff Jarrett reached out to Dixie regarding his financial troubles when HealthSouth bowed out because of their own financial issues. Dixie reached out to her parents, who happen to own Panda Energy, and bought 71% of TNA from HealthSouth for $250,000. She became President of TNA Entertainment in the spring of 2003 where she remained until August 12, 2016. It wasn’t always great but she did the best she could. Something people have to remember is that the WWE, which has been around for a long time, is number one in this industry by miles. Dixie kept TNA’s doors open longer than WCW and ECW, which is crazy seeing as though the Internet had them dead as a door nail for years due to financial issues.

    This column isn’t about Dixie Carter, the “President of TNA Wrestling”. This is about Dixie Carter being the voice on the other end of the phone. I’m begging for it to be Dixie. I’m pleading. I’m so emotionally invested in it being Dixie on Monday that if it is anyone else, I will be devastated.

    Monday Night RAW is in Nashville this week. Dixie Carter lives in Nashville. This Kurt Angle saga started back in May, so was the intention all along that this story line would come to a payoff on a Monday night in Nashville, right after the airing of the WWE 24 special which featured Dixie Carter (and the WWE acknowledging TNA for the first time ever)? Is that what I’m to believe? Is it all just a coincidence?

    So, why do I want it to be Dixie? Because it is something fresh, a new character, someone we haven’t seen on WWE TV, EVER. A character we NEVER thought we would see. This is just a step under Bischoff showing up on RAW. Dixie Carter would be fresh. You know who isn’t fresh? Stephanie McMahon. There isn’t a more stale character in WWE. A character who can take months off, come back, and be just as stale as when she left. Who has THAT kind of power? No one else that I can think of. I had a debate with someone who said that no one would know who Dixie is, so it shouldn’t be her. Which, judging by the “broken” reactions from the crowd when we see Matt Hardy, Dixie would also be well known. Especially in Nashville which would be the perfect place to debut her.

    Vince McMahon has the chance to really seize this opportunity and bring in a new face, a new character, a new powerful leading lady. While also giving himself the ego boost that he needs to carry him through until his 72nd birthday. He just hired Dixie Carter who used to own a company that tried to compete with his. Plus this will get the WWE only audience familiar with TNA so that when McMahon eventually owns the library, Network subscribers will know the acronym. Or he can bring back his lousy daughter who has been the same character for years.

    Dixie Carter has a chance to really change the business like she promised back in TNA several times. #DixieOrRiot

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