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WWE News: Kushida’s NXT TV Debut Announced, Velveteem Dream Has No Regrets About Calling Out Buddy Murphy

April 17, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

– NXT fans will see Kushida enter the ring for the brand for the first time in two weeks. WWE announced on Wednesday that the newly-signed NXT star will make his debut on NXT TV the week after next, as you can see below:

– Velveteem Dream appeared in a backstage interview following his win on tonight’s show. Dream was asked if he had any regret about making disparaging remarks against Buddy Murphy over the latter’s WWE Cruiserweight Championship loss.

“Regret?,” he asked. “Regret isn’t for a man like the Dream. The Dream represents North America. Because the Dream is your NXT North American champion. Could the statue of Dream really regret anything? Do the great people and ancestors of this country regret the struggle that it took to get them to where they are today? And the last time the Dream checked, he stands here NXT North American champion! So regrets? The Dream has none. You know who do and who might, and who will have regrets? Men like Buddy Murphy. Men like Matt Riddle. Men that call the Dream’s name without reason. You know who you are.”