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Lance Anoa’i and Kerry Morton Both Offer Respect To Homicide

January 24, 2023 | Posted by Jack Gregory
Homicide Indie Wrestling Hall of Fame GCW Image Credit: GCW

In a recent guest appearance on Kerry Morton’s The Family Business podcast, Lance Anoa’i shared some common history with his host about working with indie wrestling legend Homicide (via Fightful). Both wrestlers shared stories about the privilege of meeting Homicide in the ring and the respect with which they view him. You can read a few highlights from the podcast below.

Anoa’i on Homicide’s backstage reputation: “When I first started, man, I went into the ring with Homicide. I went into the ring with Eddie Kingston, my own uncle Afa Jr., Dan Maff, who is a monster up here in the Northeast. Just learning from them and then growing up, especially with Homicide — man, in the locker room, I always heard of Homicide’s stiffness. So, I was like, Man, when I first had to get into the ring with him, I was kind of worried, but man, I was like, ‘Man, alright, here we go. I’m going to throw his shots back at him,’ but he’s cool to be in the ring with and smooth. He may look stiff, but it’s nothing but love and respect for both sides.”

Morton on Homicide’s ability in the ring: “That’s exactly it. I just finished up — NWA Hard Times 3 in Chalmette, Louisiana, I happened to beat Homicide for the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship, and I’m telling you, I went to war with Homicide there. I got the hell beat out of me, but you know what? It was an experience I hope to never forget, that’s for sure.”