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Lance Storm Defends Randy Orton Over Fan Altercation

January 18, 2017 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Randy Orton

– Lance Storm came to Randy Orton’s defense over the latter’s alleged altercation with a fan while working out at a public gym before WWE’s house show in Jonesboro, Arkansas this week. Storm posted a lengthy response on his personal Facebook account, a screenshot of which you can see below.

Storm says in the post that the fan used “ignorant gym etiquette” and was rude in asking Orton for the autograph while he was working out instead of waiting until after, and shot down the perception of fans that because they pay [wrestler’s] salaries” that they are owed personal time. He goes on to defend Orton and says “You won’t get an autograph from Randy Orton because you are entitled to one. You’ll get an autograph from Randy Orton by being a respectful polite human being.”